VPN Setup - PC

  • Step1:

If you are using the Windows 10, 7, and Vista, download the OpenVPN client from the following link:  https://hive.utsc.utoronto.ca/protected/utor/iits/utscvpninstaller.exe

When prompted to login, type in your UTORID and UTORID password.


  • Step2  (Applied to Windows 10 ONLY):

            Double click the file you downloaded to launch the installation. For Windows 10 machines, there may cause the Windows Defender and UAC warnings, ignore the wanings and continue with the installation.




  • Step3:

Click “Install” and .


  • Step 4:

Click “Next >” at OpenVPN Setup Wizard.


  • Step 5:

Click “I Agree” in the License Agreement window.


  • Step 6:

Leave all pre-selected components the way they are and just click “Next


  • Step 7:

Click “Install”.


  • Step 8:

Click “Next” when installation complete.


  • Step 9:

The OpenVPN client is now installed. Uncheck the “Show Readme” box and click “Finish” to complete the installation.



Connect to the VPN server
  • Step1:

Right click the OpenVPN GUI icon on the desktop and select “Properties


  • Step 2:

Click on the “Compatibility” tab and check “Run this program as an administrator” box then click “OK


  • Step3:

Double click the OpenVPN GUI icon on your desktop and an Openvpn icon will show on the taskbar, right click it and choose “Connect”.


  • Step 4:

Type in your UTORID and UTORID password to connect.


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