Wireless Access Points Upgrade

What is happening?

As you may have observed, service workers have been conducting electrical work in various buildings. In a continuing effort to improve IT services at UTSC, IITS is replacing over 350 existing wireless access points with new hardware across the campus..

What to expect?

As our community grows, we rely heavily on the wireless network to conduct research, teach classes, and collaborate with others. The upgrade will result in better wireless coverage with increased stability and capacity to support these activities.

During this project, installers will attempt to minimize impact on daily campus activities.

Project timeline

Building Anticipated Completion
AC223 April, 2019
Instructional Centre (IC) July, 2019
Science Wing (SW) October, 2019
Humanities Wing (HW) November, 2019
Arts& Admin (AA) November, 2019
Science Research (SY) December, 2019
Social Sciences (MW) January, 2020
Bladen Wing (BV) March, 2020
Academic Resource Centre (AC) April, 2020
Student Centre (SL) May, 2020