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Recruit your ideal financial thinker early in their career.

By becoming an employer-participant in the MAccFin program, you will have access to a highly specialized pool of candidates who are ready to help take your department or business to the next level.

Get involved today by either Hiring a Student or Participate in our Professional Development Activities.

Hire a MAccFin Student

MAccFin students are required to complete a full-time four-month co-op work term beginning every January. This is an excellent opportunity for employers to work with MAccFin students and determine if they see a long-term and permanent fit. As a MAccFin employer, you may also be eligible to receive the Co-operative Education Tax Credit of up to $3,000 per student.
MAccFin students take courses in a variety of business disciplines, such as:
Taxation Audit
Transaction Advisory Services Corporate Finance
Investment Banking Equity Research
Sales & Trading Corporate & Commercial Banking
MAccFin students are talented, intelligent, and vibrant individuals who would be an asset in any organization. With a strong skills foundation from the University of Toronto - one of the leading post-secondary institutions not only in Canada, but globally – hiring a MAccFin student is one of the best talent acquisition decisions a company can make. 
With attentive professional service from the MAccFin team, we will support all your hiring needs and ensure your co-op intern experience is efficient and invaluable.

How to Hire

We accept job descriptions at anytime. We recommend that you begin advertising your opportunities with us beginning in August. Please note there is no ranking process for the MAccFin recruitment cycle.

  1. Advertise your employment opportunity

Please email us a job description to maccfin.utsc@utoronto.ca. If you do not have a job description, please use our job posting submission form found here. We will advertise your opportunities as requested and will send you a package of applications as required.

  1. Short-list and interview your candidates

Once you have reviewed applications, please complete this form to request interviews with our MAccFin students.

  1. Extend a employment offer to the student

Once the acceptance of the student offer has been confirmed, submit a copy of the contract, welcome the student and begin the onboarding process!

Participate in our Student Programming

To get involved with our upcoming events for the 2022-23 academic year, please contact:

Laura Humphries

Laura Humphries
Integrated Learning Coordinator, MAccFin
Management, U of T Scarborough