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MAccFin Application Process

MAccFin Ambassador Kara

To start your application, please visit and follow these steps:

  1. Complete required documentation (see below for full details)
  2. Schedule at least 30–60 minutes
  3. Register on
  4. Create a personal profile, including academic background
  5. Nominate references
  6. Pay application fee

For your application, please prepare the following required documentation:

  • Statement of Interest: An essay of 250–400 words, written solely by you, which outlines your motivation for applying to the program and what you will accomplish during and after your studies.
  • Resume: Maximum two pages summarizing your personal, academic, and professional accomplishments. Please highlight accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to complete the MAccFin program.
  • Academic Reference Letters: Minimum two required. These are generally completed by a professor who you have studied/worked with in the past. Your reference must provide an email address from a recognized university. Academic references help confirm the accuracy of your statement of interest and to provide an opinion on your academic aptitude.
  • Professional Reference Letter: One letter provided by a direct supervisor from your current or previous employer is considered an asset. This type of reference helps provide an outside perspective of your work ethic and qualifications for employment.
  • Transcripts: Scanned transcripts from ALL post-secondary programs attended must be available for digital upload at the time of application. Official transcripts must be post-mailed to the address as outlined on the admissions website.

Interview Process & Offer of Admission

After your application has been reviewed and approved, you will move on to the interview stage.

  • Approved applicants will be invited to an interview on Kira Talent, where you will be asked video-recorded and written questions to demonstrate your communication skills and technical knowledge.
  • We will send you an interview invitation from Kira Talent, which will provide you with further instructions.

Some applications that move forward in the admission process may be selected for a second mandatory interview remotely (e.g. via Zoom, Skype). The interview, which will be part of the selection process, consists of a conversation between the applicant and MAccFin representatives. A possible admission decision may take some time after the interview occurs. Applicants will not receive any feedback on this interview.


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