Work Term Excellence Award: Nabeen Ahmed

Nabeen Ahmed

“Make the effort, learn new skills, and inspire yourself and others.”

– Nabeen Ahmed, Co-op Management and International Business (BBA) Candidate 2024, University of Toronto Scarborough


Congratulations to Nabeen, recipient of a Management Co-op Work Term Excellence Award for his contributions at EY in Fall 2021!

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How did you get hired?

I applied to EY through CSM: the job board for U of T Scarborough co-op students. What made me stand out, I believe, was that I attended an EY networking event where I was able to ask meaningful questions about the company, then I used those learnings to frame my answers during the three-stage interview process. I was genuine and made the conversation enjoyable for both the recruiter and myself.


What was the most innovative project you worked on? 

One of my most interesting assignments involved confirming the cash balance at year-end for a real-estate investment trust company. There were many unique challenges specific to that client which required me to apply what I learned in my auditing course (MGAC10) with Prof. Harvey. The experience taught me that you should always seek ways to improve the work process by making it more simple and efficient in order to save time and money. Identifying the problem often requires having an open mind and an inquisitive way of thinking. In other words, don’t just do the job—try to understand the purpose of it and think critically about what is important.


Tell us about your career goals. How will you leverage your Management and International Business (MIB) Co-op experience to achieve them? 

My dream is to be able to work anywhere in the world and start a few business ventures. I am passionate about learning and developing new skills in just about everything, therefore obtaining my BBA Specialization in Management and International Business is perfect because it equips me with the knowledge necessary to be competent in all areas of business management. Getting the opportunity to work at a multinational company through the Management Co-op program has helped open doors for me that I can leverage to seek amazing opportunities worldwide. 


Any advice for future MIB students? 

Choosing the MIB program was the best decision I have ever made. The MIB student community is a small cohort and because of that it’s really easy to connect and befriend everyone, especially when you need help. My advice for incoming students is to plan ahead, stay organized, and have fun. When choosing courses, it’s important to consider what courses are available abroad to meet program credit requirements, so start thinking about that in your first year. When seeking work terms, always apply early! Many postings have a short deadline and employers will often schedule interviews on a rolling basis, so get in the habit of applying early. Finally, relish your experience abroad. Going to a new country when you are young will surely leave you with many memories, so enjoy every minute.


What does “Experience to Lead” mean to you? 

Being proactive and taking challenges head-on with perseverance to succeed. Having optimism for new opportunities and getting involved in your community. To be a leader and to get what you want, you must make the effort, learn new skills, and inspire yourself and others. These experiences will help you become the leader you aspire to be.