Thursday, April 26 - 2012
Don Campbell

Remaining competitive in today’s highly networked global economy requires inspired leadership able to engage the many forces shaping the places in which people live, work and create.

Understanding what those forces are and how to tackle them head on will be the focus of the upcoming Leader 2 Leader conference taking place at UTSC’s Instructional Centre on May 4.

“This conference is a wonderful platform to showcase and harness our strength of position in addressing a number of challenges facing leaders today – the economy, technology, people and the importance of creativity in developing talent within a successful enterprise,” says Georgette Zinaty, executive director of development & alumni relations at UTSC.

The one day conference will be broken into three interactive sessions designed to promote dialogue and information-sharing with high-profile leaders from industry, science, politics and the arts.

The specific topics that will be covered include; Staying competitive in the Global Economy, CEO in an Hour, Does Social Media Work?, Your Inner Entrepreneur, Managing Tomorrow’s Talent and Managing Your Career.

Participants will get a chance to address some of the most pressing issues facing global organizations including the ongoing economic recovery, the real value of social media, and the politics of power and strategic human resource management, among others.

“Many leaders of tomorrow get their start right here on UTSC campus. It’s fitting that the leaders of today should join us here for an invigorating day of discussion, engagement and meaningful debate,”  adds Zinaty.

A discount on early registration is available until April 30, 2012. To register visit,  

For more details including a list of speakers, or contact Regan Tigno, alumni development officer,  416-287-5631 or email