Study finds that reputation is key to predicting performance – but it’s often overlooked by employers

Wednesday, July 14 - 2021
Organizations spend countless time, money and resources searching for employees. But according to a new U of T Scarborough study, they may be overlooking the key ingredient in determining future…

School closures due to COVID are accelerating inequities in education among Ontario students

Monday, June 14 - 2021
A new report on the effect of school closures in Ontario due to COVID-19 suggests that inequities in education are being accelerated, with vulnerable groups in particular being especially affected.…

UPPERCASE vs lowercase: Why using one or the other in a name can send a message to consumers

Wednesday, April 7 - 2021
Brand names are often written using a combination of upper and lowercase letters. Others defy convention by using all lowercase (amazon or ebay) or all uppercase (IKEA or IBM).  

Transferable skills: if they work at work, they could also work at home

Thursday, October 29 - 2020
A new U of T Scarborough study has found that people can use certain skills they develop at work to enrich their lives at home as well.         

Anxiety over COVID is negatively impacting Canadian workers, U of T study finds

Friday, October 9 - 2020
There is no shortage of anxiety during this global pandemic, but a new U of T study finds there is a surprising but simple coping mechanism that might just help you feel a little better. “It’s clear…

Will working from home imposed by COVID-19 create a ‘new normal’ for the workplace?

Friday, April 24 - 2020
Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future of work. “One of the unintended impacts of this lockdown is more people, having tried remote working for the first time…

Why we trust customer reviews about shoes more than reviews about trips

Thursday, March 5 - 2020
We live in a world of online reviews. Before splashing cash for everything from jeans to food to a European vacation, we often check Amazon, Yelp or TripAdvisor first.  

UTSC researcher looks at the causes – and effects – of workplace racial harassment

Thursday, November 14 - 2019
Our places of work can, for better or worse, mirror society as a whole. In the same way stressors like racial harassment and discrimination in society affect individuals, in the workplace it also has…

What role do heroic fables play in movies about investigative journalism?

Tuesday, November 12 - 2019
In one of the most iconic scenes in All the President’s Men (ATPM), a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows of a deserted parking garage. He tells Bob Woodward, a young, hungry reporter, “Just…

Being conscientious is one of the strongest predictors of success in the workplace, UTSC study finds

Monday, November 4 - 2019
Organizations are always looking for the ingredients that make a good employee, with many turning to personality tests as a means to find out.  Now, a U of T Scarborough study suggests one of the…

Active or passive voice? Things may feel more distant, less likely to have happened depending on which one you use

Monday, September 23 - 2019
The way we interpret a message can change depending on whether it’s framed in active or passive voice – even if the content is exactly the same. 

Too many or too few? Study finds we have an ideal group size in mind when it comes to collaboration

Thursday, July 25 - 2019
When it comes to how we view the group size of a collaboration, new U of T Scarborough research finds there’s such a thing as too many (and too few) cooks in the kitchen.