Book exploring institutional racism in South African public education earns top award for UTSC prof

Friday, July 10 - 2020
A professor’s book exploring the enduring legacy of institutional racism on South Africa’s education system has earned a top award from the Canadian Association of African Studies. Professor Mark…

New U of T measure calls for non-medical masks or face coverings in indoor public spaces

Tuesday, July 7 - 2020
To further help limit the spread of COVID-19, the University of Toronto is implementing a temporary measure that calls for non-medical masks or face coverings to be worn inside buildings that are…

How the homeless will be policed in the COVID-19 era

Thursday, July 2 - 2020
Back in April, U of T Scarborough sociology professor Joseph Hermer observed a trend that is now playing out on Toronto's streets: how the spread of COVID-19 would impact the homeless, and the way…

Award-winning writers join U of T Scarborough to teach creative writing, Indigenous literature and oral traditions

Tuesday, June 30 - 2020
Two internationally renowned and award-winning Indigenous writers are joining as faculty with U of T Scarborough’s Department of English this semester. Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm and Randy Lundy join…

Instructional Centre 2 will be a major student hub in the north campus of U of T Scarborough

Thursday, June 25 - 2020
A stunning new building planned for U of T Scarborough will create a major student hub in the north part of campus. Located at the corner of Military Trail and Pan Am Drive, IC-2 will have nearly 18…

U of T recognized as one of Canada’s greenest employers in 2020

Wednesday, June 24 - 2020
The University of Toronto has been named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers in 2020 – the seventh time it has been recognized.

Funny you should say: UTSC grad uses humour to bring light to issues in sexually diverse communities

Friday, June 19 - 2020
Arianne Tong has learned humour is often the best way to spread a serious message. “Comedy is a special tool because — if used correctly and responsibly — you can disarm people just enough to…

Near and Far: how COVID-19 will affect social interactions

Friday, June 19 - 2020
In the 1970s clip from the children’s television show Sesame Street, Grover – a blue and furry monster – attempts to demonstrate the difference between “NEAR” and “FAR”.1 In trying to make his point…

Innovative approach to teaching health humanities earns award for U of T Scarborough prof

Friday, June 19 - 2020
Andrea Charise is always looking for creative ways to help her students feel comfortable about exploring uncomfortable topics.   Her teaching, which explores health, illness and aging…

Universities sign U of T-led responsible investment charter to help address climate change

Thursday, June 18 - 2020
The University of Toronto and more than a dozen Canadian universities have signed a landmark charter that aims to tackle climate change through a commitment to responsible investing practices.

Introducing our first PhD grads in Clinical Psychology!

Friday, June 12 - 2020
By any measure, it’s a milestone. It’s a personal milestone for Nadia Al-Dajani and Allison Eades, who this week are defending their PhD dissertations. And it’s a professional milestone for their…

The New Normal podcast releases first instalment of two-part episode on anti-Black racism

Friday, June 12 - 2020
Captured on video, the brutal killing of George Floyd has sparked protests against anti-Black racism and police violence around the world. Will the outrage lead to real change this time? “I…