First Indigenous artist-in-residence combines narration and drawings in exhibit

Wednesday, June 12 - 2019
To experience the exhibit by U of T Scarborough’s first Indigenous artist-in-residence, participants had to both look and listen. 

Scarborough’s Agincourt is a now a renowned Asian food hub – but its historical rise was marked by racial tension

Friday, June 7 - 2019
Agincourt is renowned as an Asian culinary hotspot in the GTA, but as U of T historians point out its rise to prominence was marred by tensions – and in some cases resistance.    

Inked @ U of T Scarborough: Judy Brunton

Tuesday, June 4 - 2019
Judy Brunton's support for mental health is written on her body. 

It’s time to think differently about aging

Tuesday, June 4 - 2019
Students participating in a unique project at U of T Scarborough are challenging notions of what it means to grow older. For the past month, Andrea Charise has led a team of students to curate a…

English-Chinese translation program continues to grow, bridging two cultures in the process

Friday, May 31 - 2019
Louie Xia first started translating Chinese text into English as a hobby in Grade 8.  

XSeed: Catalyzing multidisciplinary research at U of T

Thursday, May 30 - 2019
What’s the best way to quantify how much plastic is ending up in our drinking water? Can microscopic robots perform minimally-invasive surgery? What is the true environmental impact of alternative…

#AsianHeritageMonth: Student inspired by parents' migration story leads her to public policy

Wednesday, May 29 - 2019
It was during a co-op placement with Ontario Public Service that Vicky Vuong first realized the impact of policy making in shaping peoples’ lives – especially when it comes to access to social and…

Extroverts enjoy four key advantages according to a new UTSC study. Here they are.

Wednesday, May 29 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study has for the first time outlined a few key advantages that extroverts enjoy in the workplace.  

Professor exploring how cloud computing, AI is changing the game for small businesses

Wednesday, May 22 - 2019
As information technology (IT) became cheaper and more common, many experts believed it would level the playing field for small businesses and allow them to compete with industry giants. 

Researcher wins grant for project on fear memory generalization

Tuesday, May 21 - 2019
The grant will support Maithe Arruda-Carvalho's collaborative research project. A U of T Scarborough researcher has received a prestigious grant for her project on fear m

Inked @ U of T Scarborough: Shaun Young

Friday, May 17 - 2019
Shaun Young, instructor in the Department of Political Science

Inked @ U of T Scarborough: T.L. Cowan

Thursday, May 16 - 2019
T.L. Cowan, assistant professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media On T.L.