Republican Party needs to wage ‘internal war’ on conspiracy theories: UTSC's Ryan Hurl

Wednesday, January 13 - 2021
As U.S. President Donald Trump’s term draws to a close, many are wondering what the future holds for him and for the Republican Party in the wake of last week’s violent pro-Trump riots at the Capitol…

What the Zebrafish Can Tell Us

Tuesday, January 12 - 2021
How this tiny animal is helping scientists investigate disorders of the human brain They’re only an inch long, but the humble zebrafish – a freshwater fish native to south Asia – is allowing…

U of T Scarborough expert calls Capitol Hill violence an ‘extremely disturbing challenge to American democracy’

Wednesday, January 6 - 2021
Hundreds of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, halting a joint session of Congress in which votes cast by the Electoral College…

Gay men may be at a greater risk of poor bone health, U of T Scarborough study finds

Friday, December 11 - 2020
A new study by a U of T researcher has found disparities in bone health associated with sexual orientation, with gay men in particular being at a greater risk.   “We found that gay men, and to a…

U of T Scarborough researchers play key role in identifying toxic chemical likely killing wild salmon

Monday, December 7 - 2020
Researchers at U of T Scarborough have played an important role in discovering a chemical by-product in tires that may be responsible for killing wild salmon.

Who will win ... and when? U of T political scientist unpacks a nail-biting U.S. election

Friday, November 6 - 2020
While the outcome of the U.S. presidential election remains unclear, the results so far suggest a shift in the political geography of the United States and raise questions about the future direction…

‘An environmental injustice’: Study finds exposure to certain organic pollutants on the rise in pregnant Inuit women

Monday, November 2 - 2020
Pregnant women living in Nunavik are increasingly being exposed to potentially harmful chemical compounds that are commonly found in consumer products.  

Transferable skills: if they work at work, they could also work at home

Thursday, October 29 - 2020
A new U of T Scarborough study has found that people can use certain skills they develop at work to enrich their lives at home as well.         

Anxiety over COVID is negatively impacting Canadian workers, U of T study finds

Friday, October 9 - 2020
There is no shortage of anxiety during this global pandemic, but a new U of T study finds there is a surprising but simple coping mechanism that might just help you feel a little better. “It’s clear…

Innovative technique using nanoparticles show hope in defeating deadly drug-resistant pathogens

Monday, August 24 - 2020
A new therapy developed by U of T Scarborough researchers may bring us one step closer to effectively killing deadly drug-resistant 'super-bugs.'     “The threat posed by pathogens that are…

U of T Scarborough-led project will help fish at risk of going extinct rebound in Lower Great Lakes

Thursday, August 13 - 2020
A research and habitat recovery project led by a U of T Scarborough professor aims to help fish and freshwater mussel species that are currently at risk of going extinct. The project, which…

How the pandemic is affecting the LGBTQ community

Friday, July 31 - 2020
In pretty much every indicator one could imagine, the “queer” community (i.e. lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit) have been hit harder by the pandemic than the general population…