Will working from home imposed by COVID-19 create a ‘new normal’ for the workplace?

Friday, April 24 - 2020
Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us a glimpse into the future of work. “One of the unintended impacts of this lockdown is more people, having tried remote working for the first time…

U of T to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund

Tuesday, April 21 - 2020
The University of Toronto will support 31 research projects through the $8.4-million Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund – set up less than a month ago to support high-impact research by U of T and its…

Urban density and disease: U of T historian on whether COVID-19 will influence city planning

Monday, April 20 - 2020
How will COVID-19 impact Toronto in terms of city planning? Will it change how the city grows? Richard White is an independent historian and longstanding part-time lecturer in Canadian history…

Air quality improving by up to 40% in some cities around the world due to COVID-19

Thursday, April 9 - 2020
Cities that declared a state of emergency in February due to outbreaks of COVID-19 saw air pollution decreases of up to 40 per cent, according to a new U of T Scarborough study.    

U of T launches action fund to support high-impact research in battle against COVID-19

Tuesday, March 24 - 2020
Given the urgency and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic, U of T is launching an action fund to support research that will make near-term contributions to the fight against the virus. The university…

Ostrich eggshell beads traded more than 30,000 years ago offer earliest proof of social networking among humans

Thursday, March 12 - 2020
New U of T Scarborough research offers physical evidence that ancient hunter-gatherers were exchanging ostrich eggshell beads in order to form large-scale social networks.  The exchange of ostrich…

Why we trust customer reviews about shoes more than reviews about trips

Thursday, March 5 - 2020
We live in a world of online reviews. Before splashing cash for everything from jeans to food to a European vacation, we often check Amazon, Yelp or TripAdvisor first.  

The unexpected link between the ozone hole and Arctic warming

Friday, February 21 - 2020
One of the earliest climate model predictions of how human-made climate change would affect our planet showed that the Arctic would warm about two to three times more than the global…

Researchers turn waste cooking oil from McDonald’s into high-end 3D printing resin

Thursday, January 30 - 2020
Researchers at U of T Scarborough have for the first time turned waste cooking oil from a deep fryer into a high-resolution, biodegradable resin for 3D printing. Using waste cooking oil has…

Online therapy for lingering depression symptoms offers greater access to those in need

Wednesday, January 29 - 2020
An online version of a pioneering therapy aimed at reducing the lingering symptoms of depression can offer additional benefits for patients receiving care, according to a new U of T Scarborough study…

Substances that created hole in ozone may account for half of Arctic warming over 50-year period: new study

Monday, January 20 - 2020
A new study finds the substances responsible for creating a massive hole in the ozone layer may account for nearly half of Arctic warming over a 50-year period.   The research, published in Nature…

The ‘perfect nuisance’: UTSC researcher explores the colourful history of Gibraltar’s monkeys

Tuesday, December 17 - 2019
They may only number a few hundred, but there’s no denying the influence macaques have in Gibraltar. Often viewed as a “perfect nuisance” to inhabitants, the monkeys that have lived among Gibraltar’…