Oldest known mammal cavities discovered in 55-million-year-old fossils suggests a sweet tooth for fruit

Monday, September 13 - 2021
A new U of T Scarborough study has discovered the oldest known cavities ever found in a mammal, the likely result of a diet that included eating fruit.  

Wonder what vaccine passports might look like? UTSC research looks at historical evidence of something similar

Tuesday, August 31 - 2021
Vaccine passports are a big topic of discussion at the moment, but do you ever wonder how one might look? New U of T Scarborough research gives us a glimpse of the earliest evidence of such…

Babies prefer to listen to a familiar tune – even when it’s sung by a stranger

Thursday, August 12 - 2021
Early life for infants is surrounded by music and songs, mostly sung by family or caregivers. But does it matter who is singing to them?  

Renowned ecosystem scientist appointed new vice-principal, research and innovation at UTSC

Wednesday, August 4 - 2021
Irena Creed, an internationally renowned ecosystem scientist, has been appointed U of T Scarborough’s new vice-principal, research and innovation (VPRI).

New research debunks misconceptions of how – and when – we empathize with others

Thursday, July 22 - 2021
Empathy is fundamental to maintaining meaningful and healthy relationships, making it a big part of our daily lives.  

Study finds that reputation is key to predicting performance – but it’s often overlooked by employers

Wednesday, July 14 - 2021
Organizations spend countless time, money and resources searching for employees. But according to a new U of T Scarborough study, they may be overlooking the key ingredient in determining future…

New study looks at how queer spaces in Toronto have been impacted by the pandemic

Tuesday, July 13 - 2021
A new U of T Scarborough study is helping to bridge understanding about how the LGBTQ community has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UTSC professor teams up with Chinese researchers to tackle water pollution

Friday, July 9 - 2021
A collaboration between Canadian and Chinese scientists is helping to tackle one of China’s most urgent environmental problems – the pollution in its many thousands of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.

How we manage our emotions in the face of COVID might be jeopardizing our physical health

Friday, July 9 - 2021
A new U of T Scarborough study finds that a common strategy used to manage the stress of a health threat may end up creating a greater risk to public health during the pandemic.  “When you’re…

‘Without social justice you cannot have environmental justice’: Making Toronto’s urban forests more inclusive spaces

Tuesday, July 6 - 2021
Ask PhD candidate Ambika Tenneti about access to urban forests and canopies, and she will be quick to let you know it’s more than just a physical issue. “Access is not just about proximity,” says…

Prof Christina Guzzo guides trainees by following the model traits of multiple mentors

Monday, June 28 - 2021
Professor Christina Guzzo studies HIV infection in her lab at U of T Scarborough. She shared how she mentors grad students and undergraduates based on the best traits of those who trained her.