Toronto must keep fighting the province on shrinking the size of city council, argues UTSC expert

Wednesday, October 3 - 2018
After the Ontario Court of Appeal recently ruled that Toronto’s upcoming municipal election would go ahead with 25 wards instead of 47, the province turned its attention to the city’s waterfront.

'This moment was coming': Expert talks U.S. polarization and fiery Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

Monday, October 1 - 2018
The fractious Senate confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh appear to have supercharged political polarization in the United States.  For many, the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford…

Student start-up that turns food waste into high quality bio-plastic eyes next phase of growth

Friday, September 21 - 2018
Luna Yu is passionate about not wasting food. “I was taught at an early age by my grandparents never to waste food since it was throwing away the hard work of farmers and food producers,” says Yu,…

Go with your gut, and you’ll be more certain about your choice; new U of T Scarborough study

Wednesday, September 12 - 2018
When we make a gut decision, we end up holding it with greater conviction because we see it as a more accurate reflection of our true selves, a new U of T Scarborough study finds.     “Those who…

English lit expert joins elite company in being named to Royal Society of Canada

Tuesday, September 11 - 2018
As a young child, Katherine Larson knew music and literature would play an important role in her life. “I was always surrounded by wonderful books and wonderful music growing up,” says Larson, an…

Please don't call it a food swamp: U of T Scarborough expert

Wednesday, September 5 - 2018
Food is sold everywhere — at the gas station, in the drugstore, at the coffee shop, the corner store, even where you go to buy discount homewares you’ll find caramel corn to go with your towels. Then…

U of T professor brings Atwood short story to the screen to spur discussion on sight loss

Wednesday, August 29 - 2018
It opens in an ophthalmologist’s office. A series of shots show medical equipment used to treat eye conditions. The camera cuts to a close-up of a man’s face as he receives the news. “It's called…

UTSC-led project receives $2 million in funding to develop disease-resistant vegetables

Friday, August 17 - 2018
Plant diseases are a major challenge for greenhouse growers, often responsible for up to 20 per cent in annual crop loss.

Women with intellectual and developmental challenges experience double the rate of rapid, repeat pregnancy

Monday, August 13 - 2018
A new study by a U of T Scarborough researcher finds that women with intellectual and developmental challenges are twice as likely to give birth again within a year of having a baby. “This is a…

Reported mercury emissions in the GTA may be wildly inaccurate, finds new UTSC study

Wednesday, August 1 - 2018
The most comprehensive monitoring of airborne mercury ever done in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) finds emission levels officially reported to the government can be wildly inaccurate. “This suggests…

U of T team brings one of Canada’s most important documents into the digital age

Monday, July 23 - 2018
One of Canada’s richest historical documents was becoming less useable every year – until a group of U of T political scientists, computer scientists and historians decided to intervene. “You have…

Four U of T global projects get almost $1-million funding injection from Connaught Fund

Friday, July 20 - 2018
Global research in blockchain technology and using theologies to help build more inclusive societies are among four University of Toronto projects sharing almost $1 million in funding from this year’…