Extroverts enjoy four key advantages according to a new UTSC study. Here they are.

Wednesday, May 29 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study has for the first time outlined a few key advantages that extroverts enjoy in the workplace.  

Professor exploring how cloud computing, AI is changing the game for small businesses

Wednesday, May 22 - 2019
As information technology (IT) became cheaper and more common, many experts believed it would level the playing field for small businesses and allow them to compete with industry giants. 

Computer science prof and undergrad duo explore social phenomena on Reddit and GitHub

Tuesday, May 7 - 2019
When we log on to any social media account, we are immediately immersed in our chosen groups, forums, events and conversations. But how does the nature of our engagement with online communities…

Be nice or go bust: UTSC study finds small businesses are held to a higher standard of friendliness

Thursday, April 11 - 2019
A U of T Scarborough researcher has found that small businesses suffer more than larger ones for not being nice because we expect them to be more friendly, honest and helpful. The research,…

Two UTSC researchers named new CIFAR chairs in artificial intelligence

Tuesday, April 9 - 2019
Two U of T Scarborough researchers have been awarded research chairs in artificial intelligence by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), a pillar of Canada’s AI strategy.

Science in a time of fear: UTSC expert looks at why scientists are under attack

Wednesday, April 3 - 2019
While anti-science movements are certainly not new, direct attacks on the personal credibility of scientists have recently found fuel in many populist political movements found around the world.…

Just seeing reminders of coffee can stimulate the brain, UTSC study reveals

Tuesday, March 26 - 2019
Just looking at something that reminds us of coffee can cause our minds to become more alert and attentive, according to a new U of T study.  “Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and a lot…

In Canada’s boreal forest and arctic, you can find hares that resort to cannibalism, and squirrels that eat brains

Monday, March 18 - 2019
There are many animals in the boreal forest you would expect to see chowing down on meat. Great horned owls, wolves, foxes, lynx, grizzly and black bears, to name a few. But over the years,…

Like rats, your brain may contain ‘time cells’ that help form long-term memories

Monday, March 11 - 2019
The way we encode our memories involves many pieces of information, and scientists have looked at how most of them work. But one dimension still eludes them: time. A new U of T Scarborough study is…

When we converse our brain waves synch up; where exactly depends on the language we’re using

Tuesday, February 19 - 2019
When two people converse, their brain waves manage to get in synch. And according to a new U of T Scarborough-led study, the same happens when people speak their non-native tongue, just in…

English professor's work looks at expressions of the Black experience in the Canadian Prairies

Friday, February 15 - 2019
As a graduate student at the University of Victoria, Karina Vernon was ready to focus her PhD on African-American literature when she made a discovery. Wandering through the library, she came across…

A small number of crops are dominating globally. And that’s bad news for sustainable agriculture

Wednesday, February 6 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study suggests that globally we’re growing more of the same kinds of crops, and this presents major challenges for agricultural sustainability on a global scale. The study,…