UTSC-led project receives $2million in funding to develop disease-resistant vegetables

Friday, August 17 - 2018
Plant diseases are a major challenge for greenhouse growers, often responsible for up to 20 per cent in annual crop loss.

Women with intellectual and developmental challenges experience double the rate of rapid, repeat pregnancy

Monday, August 13 - 2018
A new study by a U of T Scarborough researcher finds that women with intellectual and developmental challenges are twice as likely to give birth again within a year of having a baby. “This is a…

Reported mercury emissions in the GTA may be wildly inaccurate, finds new UTSC study

Wednesday, August 1 - 2018
The most comprehensive monitoring of airborne mercury ever done in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) finds emission levels officially reported to the government can be wildly inaccurate. “This suggests…

U of T team brings one of Canada’s most important documents into the digital age

Monday, July 23 - 2018
One of Canada’s richest historical documents was becoming less useable every year – until a group of U of T political scientists, computer scientists and historians decided to intervene. “You have…

Four U of T global projects get almost $1-million funding injection from Connaught Fund

Friday, July 20 - 2018
Global research in blockchain technology and using theologies to help build more inclusive societies are among four University of Toronto projects sharing almost $1 million in funding from this year’…

Time for a digital detox? U of T Scarborough expert training journalists for the ‘fake news’ era

Monday, July 16 - 2018
When Jeffrey Dvorkin began his journalism career at CBS News in 1972, “the assumption was that no one is going to lie to you.”

Too angry to stay engaged? UTSC researcher explores the links between emotion and political activism

Monday, July 9 - 2018
Reducing our negative emotion may make us feel better, but also less likely to take political action When we confront upsetting political events, like a new policy you find immoral or the election…

This curious animal grew larger over time – but its brain didn’t quite keep up

Wednesday, June 27 - 2018
New U of T Scarborough research has found that the ancestor of the modern day mountain beaver had a larger relative brain size. The study, which is published in the journal Palaeontology, offers a…

Does Hollywood always hate Wall Street? How popular stories influence the way we see industry

Monday, June 25 - 2018
In Oliver Stone’s 1987 hit movie Wall Street, Gordon Gekko famously delivers his “greed is good” speech to justify buying and breaking up companies before selling them for a healthy profit. Meant to…

Renovating for research: modern labs will foster innovation and discovery

Tuesday, June 19 - 2018
A project to upgrade and build new lab space in U of T Scarborough’s original building will nurture a range of cutting-edge research – from neuroscience and plant biology, to exploring the…

Work on developing passive air sampler earns this PhD Canada’s top academic award

Monday, June 4 - 2018
An innovative air sampler that can monitor mercury pollution around the world has earned a U of T Scarborough researcher Canada’s top academic award.  David McLagan from the Department of Physical…

Just like humans, these monkeys can plan their routes – but most prefer not to

Friday, June 1 - 2018
They might not have mastered GPS technology, but vervet monkeys can solve multi-destination routes in the same way humans do. A new U of T Scarborough study published in the journal PLOS ONE has…