UTSC researcher looks at the causes – and effects – of workplace racial harassment

Thursday, November 14 - 2019
Our places of work can, for better or worse, mirror society as a whole. In the same way stressors like racial harassment and discrimination in society affect individuals, in the workplace it also has…

What role do heroic fables play in movies about investigative journalism?

Tuesday, November 12 - 2019
In one of the most iconic scenes in All the President’s Men (ATPM), a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows of a deserted parking garage. He tells Bob Woodward, a young, hungry reporter, “Just…

Being conscientious is one of the strongest predictors of success in the workplace, UTSC study finds

Monday, November 4 - 2019
Organizations are always looking for the ingredients that make a good employee, with many turning to personality tests as a means to find out.  Now, a U of T Scarborough study suggests one of the…

These monkeys could shed some light on how human social organization became so complex

Wednesday, October 30 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study has uncovered a new type of social organization in primates – one that may help further our understanding of human evolution.    

Species in the Amazon evolve slower than those in North America, UTSC research finds

Thursday, October 24 - 2019
Since 2009, Jason Weir, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, has travelled into the Amazon rainforest to play songs to hundreds of birds.

Active or passive voice? Things may feel more distant, less likely to have happened depending on which one you use

Monday, September 23 - 2019
The way we interpret a message can change depending on whether it’s framed in active or passive voice – even if the content is exactly the same. 

UTSC professor among ten at U of T named fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

Tuesday, September 10 - 2019
Pamela Klassen studies religion’s impact on the world at large. Kathleen Gallagher sees theatre as a way to understand students and their education. Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz is designing tools to detect…

UTSC researcher earns Connaught New Researcher Award for work on protecting crops from this pesky insect

Monday, September 9 - 2019
Insects destroy up to one quarter of global crops each year, resulting in estimated losses of up to $470 billion. Even in greenhouse conditions, pests can still cause damage by making their way…

New mothers with a chronic physical condition more likely to experience mental illness

Monday, August 26 - 2019
A new study led by a UTSC researcher finds that women with chronic physical conditions are more likely to experience mental illness during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth.  

Can life exist on a snowball planet? New UTSC research says yes

Wednesday, August 7 - 2019
A new U of T study is challenging our definition of what makes a planet hospitable, finding that snowball planets may harbour the conditions for life to exist.  

Male black widows piggyback on work of rivals in a desperate attempt to find a mate

Wednesday, July 31 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study finds male black widow spiders will hijack silk trails left by rival males in their search for a potential mate.         …

Too many or too few? Study finds we have an ideal group size in mind when it comes to collaboration

Thursday, July 25 - 2019
When it comes to how we view the group size of a collaboration, new U of T Scarborough research finds there’s such a thing as too many (and too few) cooks in the kitchen.