Can life exist on a snowball planet? New UTSC research says yes

Wednesday, August 7 - 2019
A new U of T study is challenging our definition of what makes a planet hospitable, finding that snowball planets may harbour the conditions for life to exist.  

Male black widows piggyback on work of rivals in a desperate attempt to find a mate

Wednesday, July 31 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study finds male black widow spiders will hijack silk trails left by rival males in their search for a potential mate.         …

Too many or too few? Study finds we have an ideal group size in mind when it comes to collaboration

Thursday, July 25 - 2019
When it comes to how we view the group size of a collaboration, new U of T Scarborough research finds there’s such a thing as too many (and too few) cooks in the kitchen.  

A lost literature: Researcher shares the untold stories of Black people on the Canadian Prairies

Tuesday, July 23 - 2019
At the age of 11, Karina Vernon found herself in Olds, Alta. She had been born in Honduras, but moved with her parents and sister to Calgary. When her parents separated, her mother, who was white,…

Using language to make the world of fossil fuels strange and ugly

Monday, July 22 - 2019
They weren’t getting it. I had a room full of bright first-year university students in front of me, but confusion reigned as I tried to describe how embedded fossil fuels are in every aspect of…

When pets become pests: how the exotic pet trade is worsening the problem of invasive species

Thursday, July 4 - 2019
The exotic pet trade is contributing to the introduction of invasive species all over the globe – and unless something is done soon, more native species and their habitats will pay the price.  

UTSC project among seven U of T researchers awarded $3.8 million in grants to benefit economy, environment

Wednesday, June 26 - 2019
Seven University of Toronto researchers working with industrial and institutional partners have been awarded funding from the federal government for projects ranging from new medical diagnostic tools…

Extroverts enjoy four key advantages according to a new UTSC study. Here they are.

Wednesday, May 29 - 2019
A new U of T Scarborough study has for the first time outlined a few key advantages that extroverts enjoy in the workplace.  

Professor exploring how cloud computing, AI is changing the game for small businesses

Wednesday, May 22 - 2019
As information technology (IT) became cheaper and more common, many experts believed it would level the playing field for small businesses and allow them to compete with industry giants. 

Computer science prof and undergrad duo explore social phenomena on Reddit and GitHub

Tuesday, May 7 - 2019
When we log on to any social media account, we are immediately immersed in our chosen groups, forums, events and conversations. But how does the nature of our engagement with online communities…

Be nice or go bust: UTSC study finds small businesses are held to a higher standard of friendliness

Thursday, April 11 - 2019
A U of T Scarborough researcher has found that small businesses suffer more than larger ones for not being nice because we expect them to be more friendly, honest and helpful. The research,…

Two UTSC researchers named new CIFAR chairs in artificial intelligence

Tuesday, April 9 - 2019
Two U of T Scarborough researchers have been awarded research chairs in artificial intelligence by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), a pillar of Canada’s AI strategy.