WHY I CHOSE UTSC: Jingshu Yao — from China to Scarborough

Thursday, April 18 - 2019
Jingshu Yao was living on residence when she saw four deer grazing by her window. 

Travel Fund: Student takes her research abroad for the second time

Tuesday, April 16 - 2019
Priyanka Challa pursues research because she had always been a “why” type of person. For about three years, that curiosity has lead her to her research on the effects of tropical diseases and…

WHY I CHOSE UTSC: Devlin Grewal — from Texas to Fiji to Scarborough

Thursday, April 11 - 2019
Devlin Grewal keeps a salusalu, a Fijian ceremonial garland, hanging in his closet. Tapa, pounded mulberry bark from the South Pacific, make up three rows of colourful flowers and tassels he received…

Travel Fund: Undergrad's love of Shakespeare takes her to California

Wednesday, April 10 - 2019
Grayson Chong didn’t grow up surrounded by Jamaican literature. But because her family is from the island, she wanted to find ways to blend her background with her love of English literature ––…

UTSC management alum talks about going from banking to a career in the arts

Monday, April 8 - 2019
When Greg White graduated from UTSC in 2000, he was all set for a career in international finance. Little did he know in just a few short years those plans would change quite drastically, …

Scarborough food tour

Friday, April 5 - 2019

Colours fly at UTSC Holi celebration

Monday, April 1 - 2019
Last week, the Hindu Students' Council and the UTSC Cricket Club teamed up to throw Holi: Festival of Colours. Students celebrated Holi, an ancient Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring, by…

Professor Maydianne Andrade earns U of T human rights award for innovative training program

Tuesday, March 26 - 2019
Professor Maydianne Andrade has earned a human rights prize from the University of Toronto for innovative training in unconscious bias. 

5 clubs to visit at March Showcase

Friday, March 22 - 2019
There’s more to the campus than classes! U of T Scarborough students can get involved with more than 200 different clubs and organizations on campus, including student government, cultural and…

5 things you should know about UTSC

Friday, March 22 - 2019
At U of T Scarborough, there are a lot of people, places and aspects of our campus that we’re proud of.  Here are five things every newcomer should know about us. 

5 things to see at UTSC

Friday, March 22 - 2019
The Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre — Get active! Learn something new! Climb a wall! Not a gym goer?