Wikipedia 'Edit-a-thon' helps fill information gaps about Black history in Canada

Monday, February 10 - 2020
When it comes to information about Black history in Canada there are significant gaps on Wikipedia, which is a familiar entry point for many doing research on the topic. It’s something that a group…

UTSC’s Marilyn Smith showed memories can be faulty – with implications for courtrooms everywhere

Tuesday, January 21 - 2020
Marilyn Smith was an expert on cognition and memory whose work at the University of Toronto shed light on bilingualism, hypnosis, trauma and the eyewitness testimony delivered in courtrooms. She also…

New writer-in-residence brings lifetime of creative energy to U of T Scarborough

Thursday, January 16 - 2020
Gary Barwin gets a real kick out of uncovering creativity wherever he goes.  

How 3D printers supported UTSC grad student's research on perception

Tuesday, January 7 - 2020
How do you select that perfect cookie from a fresh batch? What makes one object more attractive to handle than another? That question of perception is part of what Annabel Wing-Yan Fan set out to…

It’s time to start thinking about transit as a social justice issue

Thursday, November 7 - 2019
Canada is on the cusp of some major disruptions to its transportation systems.  

PhD candidate's work engages with Inuit knowledge to understand environmental change

Wednesday, October 9 - 2019
For decades, the environment in the eastern Hudson Bay region of the Canadian Arctic has been changing, yet very little direct environmental data has been collected from Arctic regions in Canada. “…


Monday, October 7 - 2019

Five things you need to know about UTSC’s newest building

Monday, October 7 - 2019
U of T Scarborough’s newest building has fresh new study spaces, modern classrooms, and lots of places to sit, relax and hang out.   But more than that, it’s a new front door to the campus.  

UTSC and Nuit Blanche want to talk about all things art

Thursday, October 3 - 2019
The Department of Arts, Culture & Media (ACM) and Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG) are teaming up again with Nuit Blanche to promote conversations about art around the city.

New to Scarborough? Here are 5 free things to do around U of T Scarborough

Thursday, September 19 - 2019
Scarborough has a lot to offer. From scenic nature to urban gems, the east end of Toronto is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas of the city. There’s something for everyone. 

Standout grads give their top academic advice for first-year students

Friday, September 6 - 2019
The university learning environment is unique — and so is your first year navigating it.