Professor recognized with Minister of College and Universities’ Award of Excellence

Monday, October 19 - 2020
Professor Steve Joordens of the University of Toronto Scarborough has received a Minister of College and Universities' Award of Excellence for his extraordinary…

Talk into action: what’s next for the National Dialogues

Tuesday, October 6 - 2020
More than 3,000 members of the higher education community, and close to 60 partner institutions across Canada, came together for the first of the National Dialogues and Action for Inclusive Higher…

Upcoming National Dialogue to explore how building resilient communities can help tackle racism

Wednesday, September 30 - 2020
Creating resilient communities that are better equipped to deal with the challenges of racism while also advancing inclusion will be a key focus of the first National Dialogues series. Taking place…

U of T Scarborough’s Indigenous House draws inspiration from Indigenous culture and ways of knowing

Monday, September 28 - 2020
Indigenous elders and community members are working with U of T Scarborough to envision the design and uses of a new Indigenous House on campus.   

The Knowledge Equity Lab: Elevating voices that haven’t been heard in academia

Tuesday, September 22 - 2020
Is there such a thing as plant racism? To many, that question is nonsensical, but to Leslie Chan, associate professor at the Centre for Critical Development Studies at U of T Scarborough, the…

Canadian post-secondary institutions unite to take action on anti-Black racism, Black inclusion

Wednesday, September 16 - 2020
A one-of-its-kind national dialogue focused on taking action to address anti-Black racism and to advance Black inclusion within Canadian post-secondary education is gathering momentum. With…

'This is a Canadian problem, too': Maydianne Andrade on finding the will to address anti-Black racism

Friday, September 11 - 2020
A string of violent police acts against unarmed Black men and women, with the Aug. 23 shooting of Jacob Blake among the most recent high-profile incidents, has prompted a racial reckoning…

U of T Scarborough e-scooter entrepreneurs see potential for growth during the pandemic

Friday, September 11 - 2020
Many young businesses would likely balk at a major expansion during a pandemic, but the co-founders of a University of Toronto e-scooter start-up identified a unique opportunity to grow. The startup…

Growing up among nature shaped career of UTSC ecologist elected to Royal Society of Canada

Tuesday, September 8 - 2020
You can draw a clear line in Marc Cadotte’s career as an ecologist all the way back to his childhood spent in northern Ontario, where his passion for the natural world began.   

Prof elected to Royal Society of Canada plans to use her platform to bring greater understanding of China

Tuesday, September 8 - 2020
Diana Fu is hoping to use her growing platform as an expert on domestic Chinese politics to bring greater awareness about how the country operates to Canadians. “My goal is to contribute my…

Scarborough Bluffs is on the move, a little bit at a time

Friday, August 28 - 2020
A little bit of Scarborough fell noisily into Lake Ontario last week, fortunately without any harm to any of its citizens but a reminder that we live in a world on the move. 

Profs collaborate to navigate switch to online learning

Thursday, August 27 - 2020
As the University of Toronto prepares for the fall semester, where 90 per cent of courses will be offered online, staff and faculty have come together to utilize community-driven resources to better…