Powerful stories about women you can watch in honour of International Women's Day

Monday, March 8 - 2021
Women are smart, courageous, resilient beings. In honour of International Women’s Day here’s a list of powerful stories with women at the forefront that recognizes their strength and also reminds us…

Group pledges $3-million to U of T Scarborough for Chair in Tamil Studies

Tuesday, June 26 - 2018
A group from the Tamil community in Canada and the United States is teaming up to pledge $3-million to create a Chair in Tamil Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.     The pledge, made…

The Centre for Ethnography: 10 years of supporting in-depth research

Wednesday, May 23 - 2018
At the Centre for Ethnography, the work is more of a marathon than a sprint.  Ethnographic research aims to detail the lives of people in a particular community. Typically, ethnographers have to…

Aisha Ahmad on the challenges facing Canadian troops in Mali

Tuesday, March 20 - 2018
The deployment of Canadian troops to support the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali represents a formidable challenge, says Aisha Ahmad.

U of T research fuels IOC Gender Equality Review Project

Thursday, March 8 - 2018
On International Women's Day, the authority behind the Olympic Games pledged to advance women's participation and leadership in sports. The announcement follows years of U of T research highlighting…

Do the Olympics still matter?

Monday, February 5 - 2018
With all the ethical and political problems facing the Olympics, do they still matter? As someone who proudly wears his Olympic heart on his sleeve — I competed in the 1964 Games in Tokyo and have…

It’s time to stop linking ‘loose morals’ to immigrants with HIV

Saturday, February 3 - 2018
Are you kidding me? With nearly four decades under our collective belts of global experience working on HIV and AIDS, we are past considering it acceptable to link someone’s health status with their…

NAFTA talks moving ahead is a good sign, says U of T Scarborough expert

Wednesday, January 31 - 2018
With NAFTA talks ending on a more positive note than expected this week, U of T News reached out to our experts on what, if anything, has changed and the challenges ahead for trilateral…

A year after the Quebec mosque shooting, U of T Scarborough experts reflect on Islamophobia in Canada

Friday, January 26 - 2018
It's been a year since a gunman entered a Quebec City mosque and killed six men – a shooting that rattled a nation that often prides itself on accepting diversity. As Canada looks back at the Jan.…

Trump turns arguments of his base 'inside out' says management professor

Monday, January 22 - 2018
U.S. President Donald Trump's declaration that he is the the voice of his strongest supporters – white, non-college-educated, working-class voters – is not true, argues U of T Scarborough's Andrew…

Discovering the complexities of international development in India

Sunday, December 24 - 2017
Going out into the field after years of studying international development in the classroom can be a harsh reality check, says Andrea Sherk, but it’s also an irreplaceable experience. “I can’t count…

Building capacity for marginalized girls in Malawi

Saturday, December 23 - 2017
During Gigi Chang’s co-op placement in Malawi, she discovered that the field of international development can be both inspiring and distressing – sometimes at the same time.