U of T Scarborough students making carpooling easy with app

Thursday, September 20 - 2018
During his first year at U of T Scarborough, Peter Meng regularly spent $40 on gas driving to visit his girlfriend in Waterloo. Frustrated, he discovered a network of Facebook groups where thousands…

This top science student is inspired to help others

Monday, June 18 - 2018
In the summer before her first year at U of T Scarborough, Olivia Rennie’s brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In many ways, it fueled her passion to help people.  “All of these things in…

#UofTGrad18 graduates share greatest lessons learned during U of T Scarborough studies

Wednesday, June 13 - 2018
This #UofTGrad season, U of T Scarborough News spoke with graduating students about the most impressionable lessons they've learned during their undergraduate studies.  #UofTGrad18: THEA…

#UofTGrad18: Change starts in local communities, says Yasmin Rajabi

Friday, June 8 - 2018
For soon-to-be-graduate Yasmin Rajabi, community involvement and local politics go hand in hand. “I am someone who’s very invested in my community,” says Rajabi, who will graduate with a double…

Where does anxiety come from? U of T student research focuses on understanding mental processes

Tuesday, May 22 - 2018
A U of T Scarborough student has landed a prestigious international grant to do research in understanding the processes behind certain mental health illnesses like anxiety and depression. Olivia…

Undergrad does research on tropical disease in Argentina thanks to academic travel fund

Friday, May 11 - 2018
Priyanka Challa is determined to find an effective, affordable treatment to a disease that’s ravaging the tropics. She’s looking at potential drug regimens for leishmaniasis. The illness infects up…

Exploring Indigenous health across the world

Monday, April 30 - 2018
Fourth year U of T Scarborough student Diane Hill plans to use an internship opportunity to understand health and wellness opportunities for Indigenous people across the world. Hill, from the Oneida…

Women support women through city mentorship program

Monday, March 26 - 2018
A mentorship program for young women run by the City of Toronto is offering two U of T Scarborough students an inside look at the inner workings of city government. Yasmin Rajabi and Hazelmae…

Uncommon Combinations: A creative chemist

Thursday, March 22 - 2018
Kahlan is in first-year, so she doesn’t need to decide her program yet, but she’s got an idea what she wants to pursue. She’s always been good at science, particularly Chemistry, though she chose U…

Uncommon Combinations: The bilingual performer

Wednesday, March 14 - 2018
Alana Paré's decision to double major was easy. She’s always loved theatre, and she’s been in French immersion since kindergarten. Coming to U of T Scarborough for these programs was an easy…

Award-winning podcast records Scarborough’s immigration history

Tuesday, March 13 - 2018
A class of U of T Scarborough students have been recognized for their podcasts exploring the unique experiences of indigenous and immigrant communities living in Scarborough.

Uncommon Combinations: Playing bass and planning health policies

Friday, March 9 - 2018
First year was a time of experimentation and contemplation for Anna Marie Baradi.