Here’s a quick guide for things to do virtually on campus

Thursday, October 14 - 2021
Are you looking for fun and engaging activities that can be done online from the comfort of home? We have you covered.  

From a difficult childhood to award of excellence: UTSC student proud of her university experience

Monday, September 20 - 2021
When she first came to Canada, Alexandra Beltran Montoya says she didn’t even know what to expect. For her, it was a new country and a new language. Now, six years later, not only is she…

From geology to pharmacy: U of T experts receive $1.8 million to advance virtual learning

Wednesday, August 11 - 2021
For Nick Eyles, there’s no classroom quite like the great outdoors. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on travel and field trips, the U of T Scarborough geologist grappled with how to…

Creative writing major program opens the door for student’s to explore their creativity

Monday, August 9 - 2021
U of T Scarborough students have a unique opportunity to enrol in a new creative writing major – one of a few programs of its kind in Canada.  “Students gain expertise in three main areas of…

UTSC students' app makes greeting cards pop in 3D

Thursday, July 15 - 2021
A few years ago, Adham Farag was thinking about how Snapchat works, and he suggested to his mother, “Why can’t we have images like that popping up on a Hallmark card?” He imagined pointing your phone…

After a workplace accident, U of T grad Vanessa Alfaro charted a new path to convocation

Wednesday, June 23 - 2021
Even as a little girl, Vanessa Alfaro wanted to become a dentist. So when she suffered a workplace injury that caused her to lose all feeling in her dominant hand, she also lost out on her dream. “…

‘Chemistry is beautiful’: Graduating student earns top marks and top U of T science award

Monday, June 21 - 2021
Abigail Clapperton chose to study chemistry for the same reason many pursue the arts – it was an opportunity to be creative.

UTSC grad helps create a pandemic cookbook to connect people through food

Friday, June 18 - 2021
Right as the pandemic hit, Rajpreet Sidhu came up with an idea for a community-sourced cookbook. She wanted to connect people from all over the world who were feeling isolated during the lockdown…

‘It’s never too late’: UTSC graduates after being away from school for nearly a decade

Friday, June 11 - 2021
Almost 10 years, multiple jobs, two kids and a global pandemic later, Kadeem Daley-Lewis feels just as energized getting his degree now as he would have in 2013 when he originally planned on walking…

Award-winning board game helps public health students study for exams by having fun

Tuesday, June 1 - 2021
A U of T Scarborough professor and a small group of students have developed an award-winning board game that helps students study for exams.

10 tips for studying while fasting

Monday, April 19 - 2021
Fasting is the basic requirement for Muslims during Ramadan – a month of introspection, reflection and a time to focus on spirituality and charity, observed by some 1.6 billion Muslims…

Inclusion at the centre of curriculum review working circle

Monday, March 29 - 2021
U of T Scarborough is in the midst of a campus-wide curriculum review focused on knowledges and perspectives of Indigenous, Black and racialized peoples from around the world. A team of students,…