Writer-in-residence opens up art as a force for advocacy

Tuesday, December 1 - 2020
Who should be seen and heard is at the heart of the Black Lives Matter movement. For El Jones, U of T Scarborough’s newly appointed writer-in-residence, this question has dominated her life,…

Advice on how to ace virtual learning and online exams from a leading memory expert

Friday, November 27 - 2020
There are three keys to learning online – find engaging courses and professors; try to process course information on a deeper level; and maintain good personal habits.   So says Steve Joordens, a…

Student ambassadors talk about the importance of community ahead of convocation

Friday, November 20 - 2020
For U of T Scarborough students Charesma Biaspal and Gajathree Ananthathurai, being able to serve as ambassadors at Convocation gives them another chance to celebrate their community.  

Students are already building an online community as orientation approaches

Friday, September 4 - 2020
Like many events in 2020, orientation is going virtual, and the Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing at U of T Scarborough is making sure students don’t mi

Innovative approach to teaching health humanities earns award for U of T Scarborough prof

Friday, June 19 - 2020
Andrea Charise is always looking for creative ways to help her students feel comfortable about exploring uncomfortable topics.   Her teaching, which explores health, illness and aging…

Passion and creativity in developing learning opportunities for students earns biology prof teaching award

Thursday, June 4 - 2020
Aarthi Ashok’s passion for cell and molecular biology comes across in her teaching.     “I’m a detail-oriented person, and I love the way little machines work,” says Ashok, an associate…

#UofTGrad20: How Alex Harold defied the odds to earn degree in one of U of T’s most competitive programs

Tuesday, June 2 - 2020
Alex Harold was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was four. His parents were told by doctors he would be fortunate to see his 20th birthday. Now, at 27, he can say he’s a U of T…

#UofTGrad20: UTSC’s student ambassador honoured to represent Scarborough in first of its kind convocation

Friday, May 29 - 2020
For U of T Scarborough student Annie Sahagian, representing the campus as an ambassador at the first of its kind U of T convocation, is a full circle opportunity.

5 Top Bollywood Movies Recommended by a U of T Scarborough Student

Thursday, May 28 - 2020
Fourth year Co-op Management and Marketing program student, Rohil Kishinchandani, whose father works in the Indian film industry, gave us his list of top five Bollywood movies. He starts off with…

Learning to Learn from Home

Thursday, May 21 - 2020
One of the things that 2020 will be remembered for is that this is the year that pushed all of us to adapt to all kinds of seismic shifts – and one of the biggest learning curves is the sudden,…

104 books recommended by U of T Scarborough students

Monday, May 18 - 2020
On Sunday, May 17 we took to social media to ask UTSC students to share their favourite books they recommend to others. We received an outpouring of submissions, 104 of which we've summarized…

Here are some career services aimed at helping students discover summer jobs – and their future careers

Friday, May 15 - 2020
With final assignments submitted and exams over for the winter semester, many students are already focusing on the summer job search or their post-graduation careers.