“Don’t limit yourself”: UTSC co-op student relishes opportunity as a mature student

Monday, June 17 - 2019
When Deanna Toews made the decision to “retool and regroup” three years ago at the age of 46, she was both nervous and excited about returning to school.  

English-Chinese translation program continues to grow, bridging two cultures in the process

Friday, May 31 - 2019
Louie Xia first started translating Chinese text into English as a hobby in Grade 8.  

Seizing 'the opportunity to lead and to serve’: Hundreds of students receive Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards

Friday, April 26 - 2019
After 25 years of recognizing outstanding student leaders with an award in his name, Gordon Cressy still insists on taking photos with each of the winners. Since the Gordon Cressy Student Leadership…

This course helps put students to sleep — in a good way

Wednesday, April 24 - 2019
A fourth-year health studies course at U of T Scarborough is exploring a crucial aspect of life — one we tend to ignore far too often. 

Nine tips to manage your nerves during U of T exam season

Tuesday, April 16 - 2019
After weeks of assignments, group projects and everything else, they’re here: finals. They are the last hurdle before summer and can often induce anxiety that hinders performance.  So what…

Journalism students scoop top awards for their investigative stories

Monday, April 15 - 2019
On a snowy February morning, police put up an excavation tent to thaw the topsoil of a Toronto home — the search was on for human remains left by serial killer Bruce McArthur. 

A deal with the Raptors: UTSC dance-tech startup builds industry cred

Friday, March 22 - 2019
From centre court at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, the future looks bright for Axel Villamil and StageKeep, his dance choreography startup. A hip hop dancer himself, Villamil has spent much…

History students serve up 18 recipes and 700 years of history

Thursday, March 14 - 2019
Students enrolled in Edible History filled a tall order for their midterm — 18 recipes from every continent on Earth, spanning 700 years of human history. 

Undergrad’s second children’s book a ‘feathery folk tale’

Wednesday, December 19 - 2018
Deep in an undiscovered place lived a Quaroo, a bird with magical feathers that grant eternal luck when touched. The Quaroo was first excited when explorers came, but they didn’t just touch its…

Student travels to Africa to uncover the stories behind fair-trade labels

Friday, November 23 - 2018
As a child, Greg Allen was fascinated by fair-trade labels on chocolate and coffee packages. He vividly remembers seeing the same image on these products — a farmer working in a field, with a huge…

Journalism student writes CBC breaking news story on blood ban for gay donors

Tuesday, November 13 - 2018
It has been almost a year since Bobby Hristova asked one of his best friends, Jordan Carrette, if he wanted to donate blood with him. “I can’t,” said Carrette, now in his second year in the masters…

Five steps to save your GPA if it looks like you won’t pass a course

Tuesday, November 6 - 2018
It’s a situation no one wants to be in, but it happens — you just got your midterm marks back, and you know it’s very likely you will not pass a course. While students should always strive to pass…