A picture of the new installation

Ann MacDonald

Daniel Young and Christian Giroux’s collaborative artistic intervention was installed over the summer in the atrium of UTSC’s new Instructional Centre.

The artists took inspiration from the robust architectural program on our campus—in particular, the defining aesthetic of the Andrews Building’s Humanities and Science wings, built in 1966—and how these imposing structures related with, as well as influenced, the forms of the buildings that have since followed. The result of their artistic investigation is Interregnum—an impressive, powder-coated aluminum structure spanning three storeys of the Instructional Centre’s atrium wall.

As its title alludes, the installation represents a conceptual bridge between the defining eras of architecture represented on our campus. By engaging with the sunlight streaming through the skylight overhead, Interregnum’s forms further reference the passage of time. 

The piece—12 metres high and weighing 680 kilograms—took the crew of four workers 10 days to install.

Ann MacDonald is the Director and Curator of UTSC’s Doris McCarthy Gallery and a lecturer in the Department of Humanities, Visual and Performing Arts.