It’s time again for the Edible History (HISB14H3) Pop-Up Restaurant! 

And this year, we have a new historical theme! This year our theme is ‘foods on the move’. Mobile foods help us understand the global circulation of foods, commodities, recipes, cuisines, migrants, and diners. In all, we’ll cover 700 years, all the inhabited continents, and 18 different dishes! We make this food history lesson open and free to the campus and the students do all the cooking, serving, and interpreting. We begin with the spice trade and then follow foods, from corn to noodles, that spread around the globe in the cuisines of East, South, and Southeast Asia; Europe; the Americas; Africa; and the Pacific. And, we’ll taste the kinds of foods prepared in Scarborough today. From SPAM to street foods, the Culinaria Kitchen is offering its annual historical tastes.
Come by for a free taste and a lesson.

(Vegetarian and halal foods available and showcased throughout.)