Popular agricultural pesticide may be slowing down hummingbirds

Wednesday, February 17 - 2021
Hummingbirds need an incredible amount of energy to flap their wings 50 times per second to maintain hovering flight. Their metabolism is so supercharged, that if they were human-sized, they would…

Professor Ruby Sullan named Cottrell Scholar

Thursday, February 11 - 2021
Professor Ruby Sullan from the department of physical & environmental science at U of T Scarborough has been named as one of this year's Cottrell Scholars.

‘It needs to change’: Study highlights the significant health-care barriers women with disabilities face during pregnancy

Monday, February 8 - 2021
A new U of T Scarborough study finds that women with disabilities are nearly twice as likely to experience life-threatening pregnancy complications or maternal death compared to their peers.  

Republican Party needs to wage ‘internal war’ on conspiracy theories: UTSC's Ryan Hurl

Wednesday, January 13 - 2021
As U.S. President Donald Trump’s term draws to a close, many are wondering what the future holds for him and for the Republican Party in the wake of last week’s violent pro-Trump riots at the Capitol…

What the Zebrafish Can Tell Us

Tuesday, January 12 - 2021
How this tiny animal is helping scientists investigate disorders of the human brain They’re only an inch long, but the humble zebrafish – a freshwater fish native to south Asia – is allowing…

U of T Scarborough expert calls Capitol Hill violence an ‘extremely disturbing challenge to American democracy’

Wednesday, January 6 - 2021
Hundreds of supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, halting a joint session of Congress in which votes cast by the Electoral College…

Gay men may be at a greater risk of poor bone health, U of T Scarborough study finds

Friday, December 11 - 2020
A new study by a U of T researcher has found disparities in bone health associated with sexual orientation, with gay men in particular being at a greater risk.   “We found that gay men, and to a…

U of T Scarborough researchers play key role in identifying toxic chemical likely killing wild salmon

Monday, December 7 - 2020
Researchers at U of T Scarborough have played an important role in discovering a chemical by-product in tires that may be responsible for killing wild salmon.

Who will win ... and when? U of T political scientist unpacks a nail-biting U.S. election

Friday, November 6 - 2020
While the outcome of the U.S. presidential election remains unclear, the results so far suggest a shift in the political geography of the United States and raise questions about the future direction…

‘An environmental injustice’: Study finds exposure to certain organic pollutants on the rise in pregnant Inuit women

Monday, November 2 - 2020
Pregnant women living in Nunavik are increasingly being exposed to potentially harmful chemical compounds that are commonly found in consumer products.  

Transferable skills: if they work at work, they could also work at home

Thursday, October 29 - 2020
A new U of T Scarborough study has found that people can use certain skills they develop at work to enrich their lives at home as well.         

Anxiety over COVID is negatively impacting Canadian workers, U of T study finds

Friday, October 9 - 2020
There is no shortage of anxiety during this global pandemic, but a new U of T study finds there is a surprising but simple coping mechanism that might just help you feel a little better. “It’s clear…