Flights delayed, quarantine getting old and travel plans on hold? We get it.

Join the International Student Centre as we embark together on an intellectual adventure from speaking to leaders in the community with global careers, journeying through Scarborough through a virtual food tour, examining Netflix's Indian Matchmaking and exploring global mobility programs in preparation for a post COVID world, join us for a week of programming for International Education Week from October 26th to 30th, 2020!

A few questions that will guide the International Education Week programming:

  • Why is developing a global perspective and skill set more urgent now than ever? How do we achieve this?
  • How can we continue to let our minds, and perspectives travel to continue forming global perspectives while staying local?
  • How do stories of food, culture and history connect in helping us unpack what is truly local and global?

Attend any 3 events during the week, complete a quick reflection and receive a certificate and CCR recognition for the completion of International Education Week 2020!