Person drawing another person on a canvas
Artwork by Erika DeFrietas titled "She returns in the midst of echoes".
Tuesday, February 16 - 2021
Tamraa Greenidge

In week three of Black History Month, we are highlighting Black artists and creators from the community that you may not know but should be following.


Mark V. Campbell





Mark V. Campbell is an assistant professor in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at U of T Scarborough and one of the founding directors of NorthSide HipHop – A digital archive of Canada’s rich hip-hop history.








Shakkoi  is a creative entrepreneur. She is an author, poet, spoken word artist (just to name a few) and also a U of T Scarborough alumna.

Anique Jordan








Anique Jordan is an artist, writer, photographer, and curator. She recently curated the THREE-THIRTY exhibition at the Doris McCarthy Gallery at U of T Scarborough.

Stephan James








Stephan James is a Scarborough-born, award-winning actor who’s starred in movies such as If Beale Street Could Talk and 21 Bridges. He has also launched The Black Academy with his brother, Shamier Anderson, that will celebrate and showcase established and emerging Black talent across Canada.

Vonny Lorde






Vonny Lorde is a Toronto-based photographer and founder of Exposure Toronto, a non-profit organization in Toronto focused on amplifying Black creatives.

Erika DeFrietas






Erika DeFrietas is a Scarborough-based artist whose body of work includes performance, photography, video, installation, textiles and writing. Erika is also a U of T Scarborough alumna.

Savahhan Re





Savannah Ré is Toronto-based R&B artist and one of the most sought-after songwriters in Canada.

Jonathan Broderick







Jonathan Broderick is a Toronto-based graphic designer and artist that that has done exhibitions with BAND Gallery and a recent panelist of the Black Creatives Series hosted by the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion office at U of T Scarborough.

Tee Fergus






Tee Fergus is a Toronto-based Black queer artist. Tee was recently featured by CBC where she spoke about creating a space for a queer Black woman tattoo artist.

Alison Duke








Alison Duke is a Toronto-based writer, producer, director, and co-founder of Oya Media Group. Alison led the Akua Benjamin Legacy Project, featuring films from all women directors on Black Activism in Toronto. 


A very special thank you to Raquel Russell from the U of T Scarborough Library and Cam Litchmore from Equity, Diversity and Inclusion office at U of T Scarborough for their help curating this list.