Affirming Our Asian Community

University of Toronto Scarborough

We are deeply saddened by the attacks that took place in Atlanta this week, and troubled by the reports of rising anti-Asian sentiment and violent hate crimes targeting the Asian community in Canada. As a campus community, we pride ourselves on our inclusive culture, and we denounce these acts and stand firmly with our Asian community.  Our thoughts go out to the victims of these crimes, and to members of the Asian community who find themselves questioning their safety.

The week’s tragic incidents also reveal, yet again, the dangers that women, in general, and racialized and Indigenous women, in particular, face every day as they go about their daily routines. Seven of the eight victims in Atlanta were women, and of them, six were of Asian descent.  

These painful realities are a reminder of why we cannot relent in our commitment and efforts to eradicate the canker of hate, bigotry, and misogyny. As a conscientious, global academic community, it is imperative that we continue to embrace and to support one another, and to champion safety, inclusion, equity and belonging for all, irrespective of identity, background, or context.

We understand that some in our community may feel traumatized, afraid or hurt. Please know that U of T is here for you.

If students want to speak to a counsellor and need support, help is available 24/7 at #UofT My SSP. Please call 1-844-451-9700 or download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Domestic and international students can reach out for support to our international offices at International Student Centre, and our Multi-Faith Centre chaplains.

For staff and faculty, supports are available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program, or please call 1-800-663-1142.

Wisdom Tettey

U of T Vice-President and Principal of U of T Scarborough