UTSC fall convocation
Professor Wisdom Tettey addresses the fall graduating class at Convocation Hall on Nov. 7. (Photo by Andy King)
Thursday, November 8 - 2018

In his first convocation ceremony as principal of U of T Scarborough, Wisdom Tettey urged the graduating class to use their education in support of advancing the cause of all humanity.   

“As the next generation of U of T alumni, you join the ranks of some of the world’s most influential leaders, change agents and innovative thinkers from the most diverse backgrounds and disciplines,” said Tettey.

“I am optimistic about the future of our world because I believe you are all strongly anchored in the core values of our institution.”

Hundreds of graduates were joined by staff, faculty, family and friends who packed the seats at Convocation Hall on Nov. 7 to celebrate U of T’s newest alumni. Close to 500 students celebrated graduation from UTSC this fall.

Tettey praised the graduates on their achievement, but reminded them that with the pride of convocation comes great responsibility. 

“Your U of T parchments represent more than the degree that it’s written on – it is a symbol of global citizenship and service to others that you have observed over the course of your education.”

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He implored those in attendance that as they go out in the world to embrace the benefits of working with others and to challenge the forces that seek to divide humanity. 

“In times like this, the world needs you to draw on your studying, learning and working alongside colleagues from different backgrounds and embrace the enduring benefits of supporting a common cause for the preservation of all humanity,” he said.

“Remember that a purposeful life is not one that is defined by winning at all cost, but rather one that is built on winning together.”  

Below is a selection of photos from this year’s fall convocation.