Eight Asian community organizations making a difference

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Recognizing Asian community organizations across Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area.
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Tamraa Greenidge & Cam Litchmore

There are many organizations across the Greater Toronto Area offering services, programs and resources for its Asian community.

The following is a list of organizations doing great work in the community, including those you can get involved with.


The South Asian Women’s Rights Organization (SAWRO) is a Scarborough-based organization created by a group of immigrant women in 2008. Their mission is to provide marginalized newcomer women with the services and supports they require to participate fully and equally in Canadian economic, civic and social life.

2. Filipino Centre

The Filipino Centre was created as a space to preserve the identity and individuality of Filipinos in the community. It is a place where Filipinos can congregate, socialize, help newcomers, and educate the youth.

3. Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCCGT) aims to play an active role in promoting diversity, inclusiveness and ethnic harmony within the community. They provide a multicultural hub where people of all ethnicities can come together to share in their cultural mosaic.

The CCCGT is hosting a food drive in honour of Asian Heritage Month May 27-29. Contactless drop off is available.

4. Armenian Family Support Services

The Armenian Family Support Services in Toronto is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide emergency support, settlement, and referral services to individuals in the Greater Toronto Area. They offer a wide variety of services such as housing assistance, mental health, and family counselling.

5. Toronto Hakka Heritage Alliance

The Toronto Hakka Heritage Alliance (THHA) aims to create a network of cooperation and support for the Hakka community and to work with others to preserve and promote the Hakka culture and heritage through cultural, educational and social activities.

6. Malaysian Association of Canada

The Malaysian Association of Canada offers a place for fellow Malaysians and friends in the Greater Toronto Area to meet and “cakap, cakap” (chat) about old times and get together to “makan” (eat) all the delicious Malaysian food that Malaysian’s might be missing!

7. Korean Community Cultural Association

​​The Korean Community Cultural Association aims to create ways for Canadians to engage with Korean culture and preserve it for generations to come. They strive to be an organization which uses education and entertainment to facilitate opportunities for people of all backgrounds to come together and experience the wonderful traditions of Korea.

8. Punjabi Community Health Services

The Punjabi Community Health Services goal is to Improve the well-being of the individuals, families and communities using an anti-racism and anti-oppression framework. They offer a wide variety of services for families, students and seniors.

There are resources available across U of T for all students, staff and faculty: 

A very special thank you to Cam Litchmore from Equity, Diversity and Inclusion office at U of T Scarborough for help curating this list.