Large pop-up vaccine clinic opens in Highland Hall at U of T Scarborough

Vaccine Clinic
U of T Scarborough is collaborating with the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) to open a pop-up vaccine clinic in Highland Hall.

Don Campbell

U of T Scarborough is helping with the push to get as many people as possible in the region vaccinated by hosting a weekly pop-up clinic on campus.

The University is collaborating with the Scarborough Health Network (SHN) to open the large pop-up clinic in Highland Hall, which until recently acted as an assessment centre where residents were receiving tests for COVID-19.

The pop-up will be open on Friday and Sunday, but people are urged to visit the SHN website for up-to-date information about when the pop-up clinics will be operating.  

Wisdom Tettey, vice-president and principal of U of T Scarborough, says the University is committed to doing its part to help deliver vaccines to residents across Scarborough.

“The way in which we have all rallied together since the beginning of the pandemic to help each other is truly inspiring. We are very proud and honoured to be part of this caring, strong, and resilient community, and we will continue to do our part to get us through these challenging times,” he says.   

“As an institution that is an embedded and an integral part of Scarborough, our health and wellbeing are linked to that of our community. We see it as our obligation to contribute whatever resources we can to support efforts by our neighbours and our local partners to ensure our community’s wellbeing.”

SHN partnered with U of T Scarborough in December 2020 to re-locate their COVID-19 Assessment Centre to the events centre in Highland Hall. Since opening, the centre administered more than 68,457 tests.

We are very proud and honoured to be part of this caring, strong, and resilient community, and we will continue to do our part to get us through these challenging times.

The assessment centre was closed in order to start the process of converting the site into a vaccination clinic. The vaccine clinic will have a separate entrance and exit from the rest of Highland Hall. Setting up the clinic was overseen by SHN staff and will follow the same safety measures and protocols as other vaccination sites operated by the SHN.

“Our partnership with UTSC is longstanding and fruitful for Scarborough: particularly in our shared ability to support the next generation of health care expertise here in our community,” says Elizabeth Buller, president and CEO of Scarborough Health Network.

“When we needed to relocate our Centenary Hospital’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre for the winter, UTSC generously welcomed our staff, physicians, and patients to the Scarborough campus so that we could continue to provide secure and warm locations for COVID-19 testing at a critical time in the pandemic. We are pleased to extend this partnership with the opening of a new vaccine clinic that will help to keep Scarborough healthier and safer.”

U of T Scarborough has partnered on various community efforts in response to COVID-19 including opening a food distribution centre to support food security efforts, the assessment centre and now a vaccine clinic to help support second dose vaccinations.

Andrew Arifuzzaman, U of T Scarborough’s chief administrative officer, says Scarborough was hit hard by the pandemic and the assessment centre played an important role in testing for variant strains of COVID-19, particularly during the second wave.

“Partnering with the Scarborough Health Network has been a privilege, and we hope this next step will help ongoing efforts to ensure mass vaccine delivery in our community,” says Arifuzzaman.

“We want to continue doing what we can to help protect the health of Scarborough residents, who we care about deeply.”   

Arifuzzaman says the campus is an ideal location for the clinic because it is centrally located in the east end of Scarborough, with easy access to public transit with the bus loop in front of Highland Hall. There’s also parking nearby. Those with vaccine appointments will be able to receive a parking voucher.

There are now vaccination sites on all three U of T campuses.

To find out more about the COVID-19 vaccine clinics in Scarborough, visit or call 416-495-2593, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.