What to do before coming to and while on campus

Photo of person walking through a snowy UTSC campus.
As we prepare for a safe return to campus in 2022, here are some things to do before coming to and while on campus (photo by Dylan Farley Toombs)

Last updated February 1, 2022. 

As we prepare for a safe return to campus in the new year, here are some things to do before coming to and while on campus. Scroll to the bottom of the article for responses to frequently asked questions by UTSC students on Instagram. For the most up-to-date information on return to campus in January please visit the UTSC UTogether page.   

What to do before coming to campus 

  • Make sure you've uploaded your proof of vaccination.  

  • Check on Quercus or with your course instructors to find out when any in-person elements of your courses will resume. 

  • Check the Office of the Registrar's website for which courses will be resuming -in-person and when.

  • Check the campus map to see where your courses are - virtual tours are available! 

  • Complete your UCheck screening (before/prior to each campus visit). 

  • Double-check your transit route or parking options

Six things to remember while on campus  

  • Wearing a face mask is required in all indoor University spaces. 

  • QR codes (used for contact tracing) will be posted in common areas across campus (study spaces, computer labs, etc.). Please scan your mobile device when you cross them. 

  • UCheck Ambassadors will be patrolling high traffic areas on campus, reminding everyone to complete the UCheck screening. Please show your green screen if approached. 

  • Masks must be worn. You may remove it briefly to sip but no eating is permitted. 

  • Physical distancing is still in place in common areas (cafeterias, hallways, etc.). Masks should be worn immediately after eating/drinking. 

Instagram Q&A responses

On Dec. 20, 2021, we asked UTSC students to share their pressing questions about what returning to campus in 2022 will look like. Check out the ongoing responses below. 

Questions regarding safety (masking, physical distancing, contact tracing, capacity limits, UCheck) 

  • What enforcement measures will be taken if rules are broken? 

  • Once we return to campus, enforcement will depend on the individual’s relationship with the University, the nature of an incident, the place in which it occurred, and the impact on others in that place. Individuals who do not comply with University policies and who do not have an approved accommodation may be asked to leave the premises by appropriate authorities. 

  • How will seating arrangements work in classes? 

  • Updates on seating arrangements in class will be shared in late January 2022.  

  • Will classes be fully in-person for the summer? 

  • Stay tuned for summer updates in Spring 2022. 

  • Will the current online/in person courses status be shown on ACORN be certain for the winter? 

  • Yes. The ACORN status has been updated. 

  • Is eating allowed in common spaces like hallways outside academic spaces? 

  • Once we return to campus, updates regarding eating on campus will be shared. 

  • Will there be added study space for social distancing? 

  • Study spaces starting Jan. 10 will ONLY be available in the library. Social distancing measures will continue. 

  • Will anyone be checking if students submitted vaccine certificates or if they completed UCheck? Will there be UCheck monitors? This term no one was checking for UCheck status unless u went to a specific area? 

  • UCheck Ambassadors are student staff that are patrolling high traffic areas on campus, reminding the community to complete the UCheck self-screening. If approached, please show your “Green Screen” and remember these are your peers working hard to ensure a safe campus for all. 

  • Will we be able to use all of the desks in the library? I know some were restricted for social distancing. 

  • Social distancing will currently remain in place once the library reopens January 10 for wi-fi and study space support. Stay tuned for updates in Winter 2022.  

  • Will there be study spaces on campus? 

  • Currently, study spaces will ONLY be available in the Library starting Jan.10, 2022 for students that need access to wi-fi and technology. PRO-TIP: Download the SpacePlusU UTSC App for current and future study space availability. 

  • Hello! Will we have to wear masks in lecture halls and classrooms? 

  • Yes! When we do return to campus, please ensure your mask is properly in place while indoors on campus. Masks may be removed briefly in instructional spaces for a sip of water, but eating is not permitted. 

Questions regarding classes (deadlines, exams, virtual/in-person/web option, de-enrollment) 

  • How do I find my classes? 

  • Please refer to the Winter 2022 Timetable and check back often for regular updates. Virtual tours are also available if you need help locating your classes on campus once we reopen.   

  • Will all lectures and labs be in person? Will in-person classes have an online/hybrid option? I don’t feel safe coming to campus yet. 

  • Most classes will resume on Monday, Jan. 10, 2022 (with some beginning earlier). However, in-person learning for all courses – graduate and undergraduate – will be delayed until Monday, Jan. 31, 2022 (with the exception of some in-person practica, as well as courses in the health sciences, which will resume as planned). Again, campuses, divisions, and departments will be reaching out to students and instructors to confirm arrangements. 

Questions regarding travel and accommodations (international students, residence, requirements, quarantine) 

  • Are there accommodations for people who cannot travel in time due to restrictions? 

  • Is it possible for us to self-isolate while waiting for covid test results that is mandatory as per new restrictions whole we travel back to Canada? 

  • Stay tuned for updates in January 2022. 

Other questions 

  • Will convocation in June be in person? 

  • Stay tuned for updates in Spring 2022.