10 tips for studying while fasting

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U of T Muslim community members shared some tips for studying while fasting.

Raquel Russell and Tamraa Greenidge

Fasting is the basic requirement for Muslims during Ramadan – a month of introspection, reflection and a time to focus on spirituality and charity, observed by some 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.  

On Instagram, we asked the U of T Muslim community to share some tips for studying while fasting. We received almost twenty suggestions with different viewpoints. Check out what they had to say: 


  1. Make sure you are rested! You don’t want to be hungry and sleepy while you study, so rest. – Saira Uddin (@Saira_uddin), Women and Gender Studies, second year 

  1. Break up your study times, you will get exhausted easily so it’s okay to take breaks. – Aabid Ali (@Itz_aabid), Specialist in Psychology, third year 

  1. Dates give you a lot of energy. Eat dates during Seheri. – Deepto Zaman (@Deeptozaman), Recently accepted to U of T’s Mathematical and Physical Science program 


  1. Stay hydrated during the night and ensure you’re having healthy foods to keep you fueled throughout the day. Physical and mental health matters! – Areeba Asif (@_areebs_), Human Biology and Mental Health Studies, third year 

  1. Try studying earlier when your body has not yet digested all the food from Suhoor [pre-fast meal]. 

  1. Eat lots of dates in order to have more glucose present while studying. Avoid oily food as it might make you thirsty. Make a schedule for prayers and study time. – Abida Alokozai (@Abida_alokozai), Biological Chemistry, fifth year  

  1. Study after Taraweeh [prayer] until Fajr [one of five daily prayers], while snacking on nutritious food and staying hydrated. – Aqsa Samad (@Aqsaa.samad), Psychology and Health Studies, fourth year 

Study Timing 

  1. Have a good Suhoor and an organized sleep schedule. – Zeyad Haggag (@Haggagjr), Management, first year  

  1. Study in the early morning till mid-afternoon, 8am-4pm. Then nap till Iftar. – Shakeel Subdar (@Shakeelsub), Human Biology and Psychology, 2019 alumni 

  1. Studying between Taraweeh and Suhoor.

Students seeking support and guidance are always welcome and encouraged to contact the Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto. 

Thank you to everyone that submitted recommendations!