First Year Experience


All incoming first-year UTSC students are automatically enrolled in the First Year Experience Program! That means that you get access to a dedicated First Year Peer for the full year! You will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops, the First Year Café & First Year Socials!

  • First Year Peer

  • First Year Peer are upper-year students that help first-year students in their transition to university. Over the summer and throughout the school year, your First Year Peer will contact you via email in order to share resources and to answer your questions. 

  • First Year Café

  • The First Year Café is a virtual drop-in space for first-year students to chat with First Year Peers, meet fellow first-year students, and to ask questions.
  • First Year Socials

  • As a part of the First Year Experience Program, all first-year students are invited to participate in socials & events to meet fellow first-year students. Past socials have included trivia, board games, arts and crafts, and much more!

  • First Year Learning Communities

  • The First Year Learning Communities Program is a registered program that groups first-year students by their program of study in order to help students find a sense of community within their academic programs. Each FLC is assigned a FLC Leader, an upper-year student from a similar program of study. This program is open to all first-year UTSC students (undergraduate).