Keeping It 100: Surviving to Thriving Series

Keeping It 100: Surviving to Thriving Series

In collaboration with community partner, MARTK'D, U of T Scarborough is hosting a virtual series centering Blackness and wellbeing called Keeping It 100: Surviving to Thriving.  The first virtual series features a collection of honest one-on-one conversations between four, Black identifying men and host, local poet, writer, mental health and love advocate, Nigel Birch Jr. These conversations focus on wellness, self-love, care and what it means to thrive in today's society.

In celebration of Black Mental Health week commencing on March 1, 2022, the series will release weekly teasers and themed video conversations during the month of March.

The series features the following four Black identifying men:

Mark Campbell,  Professor, University of Toronto Scarborough

Dion Fitzgerald, Visual Artist

Kevin Johnson, CEO, MediaCom Canada

Dion Walcott, President, MARTK'D

Special thank you to the Office of Student Experience and Wellbeing and our community partners, MARTK'D, specifically, Glen Hayes for his support throughout the project.

Keeping It 100:Surviving to Thriving Themed Conversations

This video is the first of the series, capturing key highlights from all four conversations.

Keeping It 100 Launch  #KIT100

Keeping It 100 Teaser #KIT10

This conversation captures discussions with each  speaker and their ideas around thriving.  

Surviving and Thriving Conversation #KIT100

#KIT100 Thriving Teaser

This conversation captures disucussions with each speaker and  their relationship with emotions. 

Emotions Conversation #KIT100

#KIT100 Emotions Teaser

This is last conversation of the series and it captures discussions around identity. 

Identity Conversation #KIT100

#KIT100 Identity teaser