Department of Philosophy at UTSC

Welcome to the Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto Scarborough!


Studying philosophy fosters adept reasoning, effective communication, and excellent problem solving. It enhances your capacity to grasp and evaluate new ideas and information; to think creatively; to innovate; and to write and speak clearly and persuasively. These are skills that are of immense value in a wide variety of fields and careers. 


As part of U of T's tri-campus framework, UTSC Philosophy students have access to one of the largest, most comprehensive, and most respected philosophy departments in the world. Our programs combine the excellence of U of T Philosophy with an intimate campus atmosphere. Program highlights include our very popular Biomedical Ethics courses; cutting edge new courses like the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Topics in Non-Western Philosophy; as well as our Socrates Project, a 4th-year experiential learning program.


In all of our courses, students learn key transferrable skills:

1. How to think critically and analytically about complex problems.

2. How to construct and assess arguments. 

3. How to write and communicate clearly and incisively.



Please feel welcome to email our Departmental Administrator, Jason Ferreira or our Departmental Assistant, Jordan Pagnello with any questions.