Introductory Courses to Philosophy

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Reason and Truth (PHLA10)

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An introduction to philosophy focusing on issues of rationality, metaphysics and the theory of knowledge. Topics may include: the nature of mind, freedom, the existence of God, the nature and knowability of reality. These topics will generally be introduced through the study of key texts from the history of philosophy.

Introduction to Ethics (PHLA11)

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Ethics is concerned with concrete questions about how we ought to treat one another as well as more general questions about how to justify our ethical beliefs. This course is an introduction that both presents basic theories of ethics and considers their application to contemporary moral problems.

Did you know?

PHLA10H3 and PHLA11H3 are recommended as an intro to the PHL Specialist and Major programs, but if you miss taking them in your 1st year our B-level courses can also serve as a gateway into the study of Philosophy.