Application Process (PhD)

Applications to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Science Program must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies (Admissions Application) using an online application which is housed on a secure server at the University of Toronto.

A valid email account is needed to complete the online application, as the University will correspond with applicants using email.

The online application allows applicants to manage and submit biographical and educational information as well as specific documents (i.e. Research Statement, Curriculum Vitae, etc.) immediately to the University. Applicants can edit an in-progress application and check the status of all documents submitted using a secure password and Userid.

How to apply

  1. Application period begins October 1, 2023. Log in to the online application
  2. Please note: when selecting the "Graduate Unit" for the online application choose the Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences.
  3. Be prepared to submit contact information for at least THREE academic referees. Be sure to provide institutional email addresses (ex. Gmail addresses are not acceptable). Be sure to inform your referees that you are doing this and that the University of Toronto, School of Graduate Studies will be contacting them by email.
  4. To be considered during the first round of admissions please submit your payment $125 CDN and submit supporting documentation by January 15, 2024. The final deadline for consideration is May 15, 2024.
    • Please take a few minutes to review your application before finalizing and proceeding to the payment option. You will not be able to edit any of your information after you click the “Continue” button. You will be asked to pay the SGS Application Fee. You will then be able to upload all required documents for your application. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information submitted is accurate and complete.
  5. Please upload the following supporting documents to the SGS online system:
    • One page Cover Letter which should explain why you are interested in attending an interdisciplinary program.
    • One page Research Statement which should include research interests along with career and academic goals.
    • Curriculum Vitae.
    • Unofficial scanned transcripts for each previous institution attended. Usually, this will be a scanned transcript, but in the case of Canadian post-secondary institutions, the applicant may submit a screen capture of their academic record from their institution's student web service.
    • Applicants should indicate any faculty members who have agreed to serve as a supervisor(s). Please reference any communication with a proposed supervisor in the Potential Supervisor Form. Please refer to the Graduate Faculty section on the DPES home page for a list of Graduate Faculty Members.
  6. Applicants educated outside Canada should pay particular attention to the English-language competency requirements. Arrange to complete and submit Official English Facility Test Results. Read the international students section  for more information.
  7. Be aware of the deadline dates for application and documents.

Please complete all sections (biography, education, program of study, reference contact and payment) of the online application and provide all supporting documentation by the deadline date.

Applications are considered complete and can be reviewed only after all documentation is received by the graduate unit by the deadline date.

Official transcripts may be sent to 


Postal Address:

    PhD in Environmental Science Program, Room EV252
    Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences,
    University of Toronto Scarborough
    1065 Military Trail
    Toronto, Ontario M1C 1A4

Please DO NOT send supporting documentation to the School of Graduate Studies as this could significantly delay the processing of your application.