EES2201H Advanced Readings in Environmental Science (PhD)

In this course, students work with a specific faculty member to review the literature in a specific area of study that may be directly or indirectly to their thesis topic. It is of particular value for students who lack expertise in an area that is critical to an interdisciplinary study. Evaluation is based on written literature reviews.

If you plan to complete a PhD directed readings course, you will need to complete and submit the following two documents:

  1. A SGS Readings Course Form. 

The SGS Reading and/or Research Course Form can be found under student forms in the “Registration and Enrollment” section on the SGS website.

Please indicate the arrangement and frequency of meetings in section 3.

  1. Attach a 200 word outline that details the overall objective of the readings; include the title and a description of the subtopics to be covered on the review paper.

Your supervisor needs to sign off on both the SGS form and the 200 word outline.  Both documents can then be forwarded to Elizabeth Pulickeel. Please request this course on ROSI.  Once the directed reading course is approved departmentally, the approval will be updated in ROSI.

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