Neil Comer

Neil Comer
Adjunct Professor
Risk Sciences International
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Research Interests

Dr Comer has had extensive public and private sector experience in the use of climate change model data and its interpretation. From graduation, he worked as applications engineer/instructor at Weather Services International based in Boston, then in the public sector with the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC) and the Adaptation and Impacts Research Section of Environment Canada (EC). While at EC he managed and led the development of the Canadian Climate Change Scenarios Network, along with outreach duties and climate change communication. He was a reviewer for the IPCC and has been an invited speaker internationally at including the Smithsonian, Finnish Meteorological Institute and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and domestically at municipal, provincial, territorial and federal departments across Canada. Currently he is senior climatologist with Risk Sciences International, Climate Risk Section, delivering applied, stakeholder-customized solutions for government and private companies requiring climate change advice.