Self-declaration Absence Form

Self-declaration absence form

You can use this form to formally self-declare absences from academic participation in select CHM, EES, EST and PHY courses at the University if you require accommodation for missed term tests, laboratory work and tutorials.

Your courses’ syllabi may have additional information about missed term work that may not be covered here.  Please read your syllabus carefully for instructions and timelines to report absences.

It is your responsibility to read the complete Missed Term Work process outlined in your course syllabus before proceeding.

For the Winter 2024 term, missed term tests due to medical illness will require ALL of the following:

        1.  Completed Student Absence form

        2. Self-Declaration on ACORN

All items must be submitted within five (5) business days of the term test date.

What do I do if I am going to miss term work that is not due to an illness?

       1. Self-Declaration on ACORN

       2. The submission of this web-based departmental declaration form. Please include any supporting documentation when you submit your form. 

Examples of possible documentation that can be submitted: 

  • A death certificate or funeral notice
  • A police accident report
  • Travel ticket or flight itinerary for non-vacation  or personal matters (must include departure and arrival dates and times)
  • Record of a visit to an emergency room

Samples of reasons that are NOT acceptable include personal travel (vacations), medical prescriptions, weddings, work commitments.


  • This form cannot be used for missed final exams.  Missed final exams are handled by the Registrar’s Office (
  • You must submit a separate declaration form for each course affected by your absences.
  • You may submit a maximum of five Self-Declaration of Student Absence Forms per course, per term.
  • Completion of this form does NOT guarantee that accommodations will be made.  The course instructor reserves the right to decide what accommodations (if any) will be made.