Teaching Assistantships

Teaching assistants provide a variety of services to undergraduate and graduate courses including marking assignments and running tutorials and laboratory sessions. Teaching assistants may hold a fellowship and research stipend as well, though fellowship restrictions may limit the time available for employment. A teaching assistantship may be a required element of a “funding package”. The total of the funding package is conditional on students accepting TA assignments; if a student turns down a TA position s/he forgoes that portion of the funding package.

Generally, fall postings are announced in July and winter postings are announced in November by the DPES Graduate Office. It is recommended that students keep track of their hours by retaining the copies of their teaching contracts.

All departmental teaching assistants are members of CUPE 3902. Rates are based on the CUPE3902 Collective Agreement. Doctoral students receive the current hourly rate of pay (noted as T4 pay on your monthly paystub) + 4% vacation pay less legal deductions and union dues.

Teaching assistantship is T4 income paid in equal monthly installments based on the total hours and over the period of the contract. Appointments are based on the length of the course. The pay is payable on the 28th of each month, or the closest Friday if the 28th falls on a weekend or holiday.

Students may teach at any of the three campuses to fulfill their teaching requirement. This includes TA assignments from other departments.