Get Involved in Residence Life

There are ample opportunities to be a leader in residence. Students can lead the community while developing leadership skills through experience and training opportunities.

Participate on the Student Housing Advisory Committee

The Student Housing Advisory Committee (SHAC) provides students with an opportunity to represent residence students and to advise Student Housing and Residence Life on all aspects of the residence operation: budget and fees, facilities, policies, procedures, programs, residence expansion and initiatives. The committee is comprised of three residence students at large, the Director of Student Housing & Residence Life, the Residence Life Coordinator, the President of the Scarborough Campus Residence Council and a Residence Life Team member. This committee is chaired by a resident.

Join the Scarborough Campus Residence Council

The Scarborough Campus Residence Council also represents the voice of students and brings concerns or needs forward to Student Housing & Residence Life.

Provide feedback on the Residence Life Experience Survey

This annual survey provides residents with an opportunity to provide feedback regarding satisfaction with various aspects of the residence experience. The feedback is incorporated into the goals and actions of Student Housing & Residence Life.

Sharing concerns

All residents are encouraged to raise any concerns they have about their residence experience. Residents can write an email or request an appointment to meet a staff member in person. Emails and appointment requests will be directed to the appropriate staff person.