Residence Life Team

UTSC Residence Life Team

The UTSC Residence Life Team (RLT) consists of 49 upper-year student staff who manage our residence community to ensure the best experience for all residents. Supervised by the Residence Life Management Team, the members of the RLT have a wealth of knowledge obtained through their experience as University students and through specialized residence life training. They work together to build community by facilitating events, providing support to students living in residence, mediating roommate disputes, and ensuring that residence community standards are understood and followed. 

There are three different roles on Residence Life Team:

Residence Advisors (RA)
Residence Advisors are community leaders who are direct supports for students in the residence community, Each RA is assigned to a community within the residences and is responsible for the students within this area. Each RA will meet with the members of their community throughout the term and residents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their RA.

Community Advisors (CAs)
Community Advisors are upper-year students who have typically had previous Residence Life experience. The CAs serve as mentors and support the RAs and run programming for all members of the residence community. In addition, they meet with students who have broken the residence community standards.

Living Learning Advisors (LLAs)
Community Advisors are community leaders who fulfil the role of a Residence Advisor for each of our Living Learning Communities. In addition to their RA responsibilities, they work with staff advisors to facilitate extra programming related to their specific LLC.