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Gas Leak - Smell

A smell of gas was detected on campus this morning. Out of an abundance of caution, we are closing the campus today. We will keep you informed of developments as they come up.

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Greg Hum
Director, Housing & Residence Life

As the Director, Housing & Residence Life, Greg is responsible for the overall operation of the UTSC residences. From Residence Life, to the facilities maintenance, and everything in between, Greg leads the SHRL team to ensure student's have the best experience possible.

What I Love:
My dog, bubble tea, sushi, and sports (hockey, golf, ultimate frisbee, surfing, stand up paddle boarding).

Student Housing

Diana Cappa
Student Housing Coordinator

As the Student Housing Coordinator, Diana supports students applying to and living in residence, as well as students searching for and living in off-campus rental housing. She coordinates the residence application process, service at the Residence office reception desk, and off-campus housing education.

Contact Me About:
The residence application, room assignments, residence dates and deadlines, moving in and out, mail or other service-related concerns at the residence office, and searching for off-campus rental housing. Our Reception & Services desk team are also happy to answer many of these questions for you!

What I love:
Hanging out with my family and friends, cooking, current events, trivia, travelling, gymnastics, hockey, and baseball, and a great witty pun!


Cassie Rawlings
Student Housing Assistant

As a Student Housing Assistant, Cassie helps students with questions and concerns, from pre-residence admission, to living in residence. She is your first stop in any questions and concerns and can refer you to other staff or resources when necessary.

Contact Me About:
You can contact Cassie if you have general questions and/or concerns or have inquiries about your residence application, residence space, proof of residence, or off-campus housing resources.

What I Love:
Sushi, volleyball, reading, motorcycle riding, the Harry Potter series, getting together with friends and family.



Imaan Hassan-Ali
Student Housing Assistant (On-Leave)

As a Student Housing Assistant, Imaan helps students with questions and concerns, from pre-residence admission, to living in residence. She is your first stop in any questions and concerns and can refer you to other staff or resources when necessary.


Carmina Elefano
Business Officer

As the Business Officer, Carmina manages the budgeting, accounting, and HR / payroll functions of the department.

What I love:
Family, music, summer concerts, resto-lounges, creative pursuits (painting, writing, decorating, fashion),  good food and small gatherings.



Residence Life

Amber Woods
Manager, Residence Life

As the Manager, Residence Life, Amber works with the Residence Life Team to a deliver a safe, inclusive, and engaging residence life experience for each and every one of our students.

What I love:
Family time, leisurely walks, books, travelling, food, sports, and movie-theatre popcorn.

Jonathan Collaton
Interim Residence Life Program Coordinator

As a Residence Life Program Coordinator, Jonathan works to plan and implement curricular and co-curricular activities for all students in residence. He strives to provide fun and engaging activities that will also help you build new skills.

Contact Me About:
If you have an idea for an event or activity for residence students, I’m you’re guy! Also let me know if you are looking for volunteer opportunities on campus.

What I love:
Hockey, podcasts (I host one), video games, travelling the world, random historical facts, and really good BBQ.

Sheryl Nauth
Residence Life Coordinator

Contact Information:
Phone: 416-287-7096

As a Residence Life Coordinator, Sheryl works to support students living in residence and co-supervise the Residence Life Team. In doing so, Sheryl helps to ensure the development of a positive residence community that supports personal and academic growth, safety, and provides an opportunity for learning. In addition, Sheryl works to develop and implement programming on residence.

Contact Me About:
If you live in one of the UTSC Residence spaces, or are interested in learning more about how to get involved in the residence community, let's connect! If you have questions or concerns about your community, don't hesitate to reach out.

What I love:
Warm beverages, desserts, blankets, mixed media, and games!

Annie Au
Residence Counsellor

As the counsellor-in-residence, Annie supports the mental well-being of students living in residence by providing individual counselling and and group therapy. She also runs events that promote mental health and emotional growth. 

Contact Me About:
If you live in residence and are feeling stressed about school, relationships, or any other issue that is negatively impacting your mood. You can also reach out if you feel stuck about a particular problem and would like someone to talk it through! 

What I love:
Coffee, chocolate, funny TV shows.


Heather Burns-Shillington
Residence Life Program Coordinator



Residence Facilities

Clara Mitchell
Residence Facilities Coordinator

As the Facilities Coordinator, Clara is part of the Facilities Management Team and works closely with Student Housing &Residence Life Staff in order to maintain the residence buildings and surrounding outdoor areas. This includes processing student work orders, scheduling common area cleaning and working on special maintenance projects.

Contact Me About:
You can contact me regarding your maintenance work orders, general maintenance inquiries, and regarding making donations to our FreeStore and local campus partners.

What I love:
Family time, coaching hockey, my dog Bear, snacks, camping, hiking, and board game nights with friends.


Tony Howe
Residence Facilities Supervisor

As the Residence Facilities Supervisor, Tony works closely with our Student Housing and Residence Life Staff. His team of technicians, staff and contractors strive to maintain the residences, buildings and surrounding space.  

What I love:
Fixing things, fishing and most sports, most dogs, some cats, pubbing with friends, a good laugh and hanging out with family (especially my kids & grandkids).