Welcome to UTSC Sociology

People walking across a city street at dusk

Lifting the lid off the ordinary and the extraordinary ways we interact, Sociology explores every element of our complex social world, from race and gender relations to love and divorce, from access to good jobs and the right to citizenship to crime and deviance, from the politics of climate change and natural disasters to globalization and transnationalism and more. Sociology students graduate with the skills required to navigate these challenging times—the ability to independently gather data, to analyze them statistically and qualitatively, and apply theories to explain them. We challenge students to look outside themselves, and we give students the tools they need to better understand their world and the forces that shape their lives so they can address a host of social issues critically and constructively.

As a contemporary, cutting-edge social science, sociology empowers students and prepares them for a rich variety of professions and experiences. Graduates from our department have gone on to careers in law, public health, business, teaching, social work, child and youth counseling, human resource management, public policy, governmental agencies and not-for-profits organizations. Many pursue graduate study or earn advanced degrees in law, criminal justice, public health, nursing, social work, and education.

Faculty expertise ranges from the future of the city to the policing of homelessness and begging, rap music and its audiences to immigrant politics, precarious work to the causes and consequences of violence against women. A full list of faculty and their research interests is found here.

The department offers undergraduate Major, Minor and Specialist programs. Sociology at UTSC is a welcoming field of study; a department hallmark is our sense of community. Students of Sociology, our department student union, will show you how to get involved in departmental and in campus activities.

Chair: Professor Joe Hermer
To set up a virtual meeting please contact: Sociology-Chair@utsc.utoronto.ca

Assistant to the Chair: Ann-Marie Smith
Contact: sociology-ca@utsc.utoronto.ca

Program Coordinator: Jennifer Chaskavich
To set up a virtual meeting, please email Sociologyadvisor.utsc@utoronto.ca

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