Inspiring Inclusive Excellence

Valley Land Trail at UTSC.

From its very beginnings, the University of Toronto Scarborough has been a leader in innovative approaches to higher education. Scarborough is a meeting place of peoples from around the world where we engage with local and global challenges and opportunities.

We are positioned to effect positive change in our communities and the world, tackling the challenges with new and courageous ideas, and taking advantage of the opportunities that our diverse population offers.

Inspiring inclusive excellence means embracing and promoting the enriching contributions that come from the diverse backgrounds, ways of knowing, ideas, perspectives, and experiences represented in our community.

In order to attain and sustain our goal of inclusive excellence, it is imperative we go beyond diversity and create an environment where every potential and current member of our UTSC family feels a genuine sense of belonging and is given an equitable opportunity to make their best contribution to our academic mission. Inclusion is a core prerequisite for realizing our vision.

We acknowledge that we are all treaty citizens, with roles and obligations that include responsible stewardship of the land, a commitment to relationships with Indigenous peoples  based on trust and respect, and to partnering with them for our mutual wellbeing.

We are dedicated to implementing the calls to action in Wecheehetowin, the University of Toronto’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Living the intent of reconciliation is a fundamental value of our campus community.

The strategic planning process itself was a model of inclusive excellence. In the spring of 2019, eight working groups of students, staff, alumni, and faculty consulted with more than 1,100 people from inside and outside our campus, reviewed extensive data and other documents, discussed and debated ideas and, ultimately, presented their findings which have been encapsulated into this document.