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Create a New Campus Group

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Before Starting Your Application

  • Review the sessional dates and requirements of becoming recognized at the UTSC campus.
  • Review the Policy on the Recognition of Student Groups. The Policy outlines the recognition process, and what is expected of student groups in order to receive and retain club recognition.
  • Sign up for the How to Start a New Club in-person workshop offered through the Department of Student Life. This workshop is mandatory to attend for all NEW clubs at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
  • Ensure that your potential club has a minimum of five (5) members who are registered students of the University of Toronto.
  • Ensure that you and your club members have drafted a constitution. Instructions on drafting a constitution will be presented at the ‘How to Start a New Club’ workshop and are found within the document itself. See constitution template here.
  • All applications to become a recognized student organization (club) at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus must be submitted online through the central Student Organization Portal (SOP)

Summer 2022 – Winter 2023 Dates

Activity Summer 2022 – Fall 2022
Recognition period opens: submit your club recognition application  July 5th, 2022 – October 31st, 2022
Recognition approval period July 5th – October 31st, 2022
Recognition period closes November 1st 2022
  Winter 2023
Recognition period re-opens: submit your club recognition application January 9th 2023 – February 28th 2023
Recognition approval period January 9th 2023 – February 28th 2023
Recognition period closes March 1st 2023

New Club Recognition Requirements and Timelines

Details Timeline
Attend the How to Start a New Club workshop
At least 1 of your club members will need to attend the in-person workshop. This workshop covers the policy on student groups and will walk you through how to create a club constitution Workshops run on a weekly basis from August – October 31st.
Ensure that your club has a minimum of 5 members who are currently registered UofT students Please ensure that you collect the contact information (Name, Email and Phone Number) of your club members as you will need to input this information in your online application. Club members can be registered students across all 3 UofT campuses. On-going
Apply on SOP
To become a recognized student organization at the UTSC campus, groups must apply through the online portal and ensure that they review the approval period timeline. The online application takes 10-15 minutes to complete and must be submitted within the approval period. Please review the dates above.
Constitution and Application Review Once your club has submitted the application, our office will review your constitution and application. If your club constitution requires amendments, a staff member will contact the Primary Contact by email. Our office will review your application and contact you within 5 business days of submission.
Receive Approval Once your constitution has no further amendments, your club will be approved. You will be able to see the status of your application through the SOP portal.  
Post-Approval In order to host on-campus events or apply for club funding, your club will have to attend 2 mandatory workshops: UTSC Clubs Orientation and Funding Workshop. Workshops run on a weekly basis from August – October 31st