Student Life Volunteer Program

Join the Student Life Volunteer Program!

Don't just volunteer for one opportunity, with so many to choose from you can do them all! The Department of Student Life is home to a variety of opportunities, including on and off-campus, short (one day) and long term (one week or the full semester) commitments.
To become an active member of the Student Life Volunteer Program you must complete the form below and attend one of our volunteer orientation sessions. Orientation session dates will be provided to you once you complete the form.

Programs Available
Volunteer Programs (ongoing):
Imani Mentors volunteer on a weekly basis (approx.. 3 hour commitment/week); mentors are matched with two or three black identifying elementary or high school aged youth who they mentor and tutor from September to the end of March. Beyond mentoring youth, an Imani Mentor belongs to a community on campus that aims to support you, our mentors with your own educational journey as a black identifying student.
CAPs volunteers commit to supporting a local not for profit organisation (i.e. East Scarborough Boys and Girls Club) on a weekly basis (approx. 3 hour commitment/week) once a week for an entire academic term (or two terms!). Volunteer activities involve supporting, tutoring, and/or mentoring youth.
Alternative Reading Week (ARW) is a short term (October – 1 Day, February – 3 Days) volunteer program that runs twice a year during the University of Toronto Scarborough's Reading Weeks. Students will have the opportunity to choose from 8+ diverse community organizations to volunteer at, whiling exploring the concepts of learning through service, leadership for social change, and community development.
Volunteer Opportunities (short-term)
Community Day Events are 1 day community based volunteer activities where can students volunteer in various East Scarborough community organizations to learn about and potentially make an impact in their communities. Each month we partner with a wide range of great community partners to offer and create diverse community building experiences.
Volunteers with the Access & Inclusion assist with short term (1-3 days) outreach, transition and retention activities for current and prospective students and youth, such as: 1) mentoring students in partner schools who wish to explore post-secondary options but whose families have limited experience with university study, 2) conducting sessions in community centres, libraries and local schools to increase students’ awareness of post-secondary options available, 3) equipping students with the skills necessary to enter post-secondary studies, and 4) conducting group activities such as financial aid training workshops and campus visits for students.
At times throughout the year, different departments call out for volunteers to help with special events on campus. Such events may include orientation, awards nights, celebrations, service fairs, fundraisers, etc. If you’re looking to get involved on campus with a small commitment, this is for you.
At times throughout the year, different organizations from across our community and further into the city look for volunteers for special events. Such events can include large arts & culture festivals, sporting events, charitable events, fundraising events, outreach, and more. If you are looking to get involved with the larger community outside of UTSC, this is for you.
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