Scarborough Campus Merchants

In addition to using your TCard to pay at laundry and vending machines and to print and photocopy across campus, you can also use your TCard to pay at any of the following merchants on campus:



La Prep
Booster Juice

UT Sweets Bake Shop
Paramount Fine Foods
Tim Hortons

Salad, Burrito & Taci

Bento Sushi
Asian Gourmet

Bene Pasta
Healthy Kitchen
Hero Burgers



For updated hours, specials and any other food related inquires, please visit the Food and Beverage Services website.

Textbooks and Other

UofT Bookstore
INS Market
Copy Cats

UTSC Farmer's Market


Department of Arts, Culture, & Media
UTSC Health & Wellness entre
Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences

Department of Management
Student Housing and Residence Life