Breaking Into Bay Street 2021

Breaking Into Bay Street 2021

Join The BRIDGE and Investment Society for an evening of networking, skill building, and fun where our audience will learn what it takes to break into Bay Street.  


Guest Speakers: 

  • Carl Elia  | Vice President, Alternative Investments 

  • Timothy De Leon  | Director, RBC Capital Markets 


Event Schedule:  

  • Keynote speakers: Carl and Timothy will address our audience, sharing the story of their career journey and how they broke into Bay Street. 
  • Networking: Attendees will have a chance to network with our guest speakers, as well as BRIDGE and  Investment Society representatives.  
  • Modeling Tutorial: UTSC Student AJ Junaidi will lead attendees through an LBO Modeling tutorial. Students will learn how to create an LBO model using excel functions. 
  • Modeling Competition: Students will receive files and instructions needed to compete in the LBO Modeling Tutorial. They will have 5 days to complete and submit their models for a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.  

First Place 

$250 gift card to Amazon 

Second Place 

$150 gift card to Amazon 

Third Place 

$100 gift card to Amazon  



Time: -
Location: Online via Zoom (participants will receive a link prior to session start)