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Create maps or business lists in Canada or the US. Includes demographic data. The mapping tool generates business lists and includes demographic data. Does not include brand specific data, but includes e-commerce information by industry or occasionally product type.

Create thematic maps and tables using thousands of Canadian and US demographic and psychographic variables, as well as business point data from Dun & Bradstreet. Also includes US and Canadian health data. No GIS experience required.


Special Instructions: Companies are listed alphabetically. Click on the appropriate letter > Click on the company name > Click "view this company's public documents."



The BRIDGE, in collaboration with the Map and Data Library, has created several tutorial videos. They may be found at:

Map & Data Library - Introduction to Simply Analytics - Video Tutorials

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Company Data, Company Information, Industry Information, Data Visualization, Data Sources

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UofT Subscription

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On/off campus via link