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The BRIDGE is a joint venture between UTSC’s Department of Management and the UTSC Library.  It is where business, research and innovation converge, delivering extraordinary student experiences through entrepreneurship, research, advanced training programs, and work-integrated learning. Our state-of-the-art facility includes a business research library, data lab, and collaboration lounge. We are a U of T accelerator focused on student formation, and a pathway for industry and community partnerships. 

The BRIDGE connects the best academic theory with creative applications and aspiring minds.

Our mission

  • Create outstanding experiential learning opportunities for students
  • Engage in deep and meaningful collaboration with faculty
  • Effectively integrate professional and academic skills into academic courses
  • Collect high-quality digital and print resources

Our framework

Best-in-Class Business Research Centre

Students learn how to access and analyze premier sources of real-time data, market intelligence, industry research, and company profiles.

Innovative Thinking and Doing

Supported by academic rigour and faculty mentorship, allowing students to experience a real-life environment for business.

Bridging Theory and Practice

Integrating academic theory with industry practice through co-curricular competitions, workshops, and career-readiness coaching.