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University of Toronto Scarborough research faculty have exceptional support from the team of experts in The BRIDGE. Our team connects you into the extensive research services of the UTSC Library and U of T Library, as well as into partnership with industry and the community. Whether you are looking to conduct a published research review and synthesis, test a concept, collaborate with industry partners, or measure your research impacts, The BRIDGE is can invigorate your research experience.  


Featured Researcher Supports 


Book a 1:1 consultation with one of our librarians.   

Data & Digital Scholarship  

The BRIDGE team can help you find, clean, mine and visualize your research data.  Our team is fluent in various coding languages such as R and Python, and proficient in programs such Excel and SPSS. We are your connection to you UTSC Library’s Digital Scholarship Unit (DSU) which provides support for digital scholarship in the areas of data, digital collections building, digital archiving, and scholarly communications. 

Faculty Purchase Requests 

The UTSC Library welcomes purchase requests from faculty for books, films, journals, and other materials. Visit the UTSC Library website to submit your request.

Research Supports 

Our liaison librarians can help you with a variety of research supports, including discovering and evaluating sources, managing research data and citations, training your research team, and more. Schedule a meeting with our librarian to get started.

Publication Support and Impact Factors 

We can support you through your journey to publication. From negotiating your rights as an author with your publishers, complying with funding agencies' open access and data management requirements, to determining the impact of your publications, we can provide direct support, or help connect you with experts in the UTSC Library and UTL Scholarly Communications and Copyright Office.  

For a full list of library services, visit the UTSC Library faculty support page.  

Work-Integrated Learning for Academic Research  

The BRIDGE leverages thought leadership and domain expertise of our faculty across all areas of business and engages those subject matter experts to collaborate on designing solutions.  This knowledge exchange allows The BRIDGE to activate research outcomes in a way that benefits community and industry.  

We can support your research project through Work-Integrated Learning opportunities that leverage grant applications and requests for proposal. 

Do you require support for your research project?  Do you have budget to support your project?  Do you want support in preparing your grant application or request for proposal? 

Meet with our team to leverage opportunities within the curriculum, co-op, or other programs that are available to support your research interests. 

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For more information and support, connect with our team's Management Librarian, Entrepreneurship and Work-Integrated Learning Coordinator, and BRIDGE Coordinator.