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Application Process - CDD Project Application
A CDD Project Application () is required to make requests for new construction, alterations, facilities renewal, or security systems at UTSC. CDD will only accept applications for requests for renovation to space already allocated to your department.

Request for repairs and maintenance of existing facilities should be submitted directly to the Facilities Management Department via work order. See

a. Client Department completes Steps 1 and 2 of the CDD Project Application Form and fulfills the requirements accordingly.

b. Design and Construction Management or Facilities Management Department performs a preliminary review of the project requirements with the Client and provides a low-high estimate of the project cost.

c. The Strategy Review Group reviews the application to confirm that the proposal is consistent with institutional plans and authorizes the application to proceed to design review and costing.

d. Design and Construction Management or Facilities Management Department finalizes the design review and costing with the Client and submits the following documents for final approval by the CDD Chair:

- Total Project Cost

- Tender Results

- Post Tender Results if TPC is outside the high/low budget estimate

- If project requires the services of an architect, a Project Planning Report is required

e. Financial Services Department assembles the CDD approval package for the Chair’s approval.

f. Financial Services Department distributes and notifies the Client and other appropriate recipients.

g. Design and Construction Management or Facilities Management Department implements the project.


Timetable of Standard Procedures for Proposals for Development and Renovations.
CDD Applications Timetable:  April 1, July 1, October 1, January 1

CDD will hear extraordinary requests such as those generated by ATOP, OFR and CFI funds. CDD also reserves meetings to deal with urgent requests.

Extraordinary submissions will be evaluated in the same manner and following the same criteria as normal submissions.

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For assistance with the application process, please contact:

Marlyn Yee
Secretary, Campus Design & Development Committee
T: 416-287-7652

Joyce Hahn
Senior Financial Officer - Ancillary and Self-Funded Operations
T: 416-287-7018

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