Admissions Process

External Applicants           Internal Applicants

Enrolment is limited to insure that students receive a high level of assistance from our team, as well as quality work terms. Admission to the program is based on several factors including:

  • Academic achievement
  • Aptitude in applicable academic areas
  • Previous work / volunteer experience
  • Good communication skills

Application Procedures For External (Non-U of T Scarborough) Candidates

For students entering co-op directly from high school, or transferring from other universities (including Mississauga and downtown campuses of U of T), you can review application policies and procedures at our Admissions & Student Recruitment website.

Applicants already enrolled in or having completed a university program will be considered for admission with advanced standing credit where applicable.

Students from outside Ontario will be assessed individually. Applications from visa students are accepted; however, students should be aware that some government offices and private companies will hire only Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Given that admission is competitive, we will automatically consider you for alternate choices at U of T Scarborough (for regular computer and mathematical, humanities, life sciences, physical and environmental sciences, or social sciences programs) should your application for co-op not be approved.

Questions about admissions and scholarships for external candidates:

Admissions & Student Recruitment
Phone: (416) 287-7529


Application Procedures For Internal (U of T Scarborough) Candidates


For consideration to begin the program in June, please apply by April 12, 2019.
For consideration to begin in September, please apply by July 26, 2019. 


For admission, the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) requirement varies by program but is never less than 2.5. Check the calendar for program-specific requirements. You will also need the required courses listed for your program in the calendar to be considered.

Please be aware that the CGPA of 2.5 must be maintained to remain in the co-op program.

Will you have 10 or more credits by Fall 2019?

Students who will have ten or more credits by Fall 2019 are not eligible for admission. If you will have 8 to 9.5 credits, please contact the Co-op Office to discuss your options.

Hoping to start in co-op during the summer term?

If you’re applying to the April Subject POSt request period, you must be available to complete COPD01, Foundations For Success In Arts & Science Co-op, in the summer term (starting in late May or early June).

How to apply

If you are already enrolled at U of T Scarborough and would like to be considered for a transfer into an Arts & Science Co-op Program, please follow the steps below:  

  1. Download the supplementary application form
  2. Print and return the completed application form with a resume to:

    The Arts & Science Co-op Office
    Instructional Centre, Room IC 150

  3. Request a change of subject POSt to the desired co-op program in ACORN. Check the Office of the Registrar's website or the registration guide for the dates to request subject POSts.
  4. After the request period closes, check your status on ACORN to verify that you have been invited to your requested subject POSt.
  5. You must then accept the program invitation to your approved co-op program by the provided deadline. Failure to do this will result in your application not being considered.

If you have questions about the form or applying to the Arts & Science Co-op Program, contact:

Arts & Science Co-op
Phone: 416-287-7260