Data VizArt Student Challenge 2020

Tableau, CIBC, and Deloitte are excited to announce that the Data VizArt Student Challenge is

happening for a third year! This nationwide competition for visualization and data storytelling is

open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students from educational institutions across


Powered by Tableau Software, sponsored by CIBC and Deloitte, this competition promotes data

visualization and celebrates the creative storytelling capabilities of analytics tools. In addition

to a range of exciting prizes, the teams selected to participate in the finals in Toronto will have

great networking opportunities with sponsor executives and experts. Competitors will use Tableau

Software to create their visualizations using data that will be provided after they register.

This challenge will bring together tomorrow’s talent in STEM, the Arts, Communications, and

Business. The competition will be held in three progressive rounds: a preliminary round consisting

of online submissions, a regional round held across several hub cities, and the final round to be

held in Toronto. Teams selected for the final round in Toronto will be provided travel and


This challenge is free to enter!

Who can enter: Full-time students from Canadian post-secondary institutions. Registrants are asked

to form teams consisting of a maximum of three students. No pre-requisite skills are required

Teams can register at

Registration & submission start date: January 10,


2020 Submission deadline: January 24, 2020