Why Hire an Arts & Science Co-op Student?

Our students are exceptionally well-prepared for success.

5 reasons why you should partner with UTSC Arts & Science Co-op:

  1. Best In Class
    You’ll have access to top-tier students from one of Canada’s highest-ranked universities.

    • Learning from the brightest minds
      Our students—your future employees—learn from internationally-known experts in their fields at the best university in Canada, also ranking in the top 20 worldwide
    • Top employability rankings worldwide
      University of Toronto students not only learn from some of the top minds, but our grads also boast one of the top employability outcomes in the world, and the best in Canada.
    • U of T Scarborough students are best in class—literally.
      Each year, the University awards the Governor General’s Silver Medal to top-achieving students in the graduating class. Of the past 12 years, ten U of T Scarborough students have taken home this top honour.
  2. Flexible Work Term Length

    Our students are available for 4, 8, or 12-month work terms so you can choose a duration that best suits your organization’s projects and needs.
  3. Ready For Success

    Our students arrive at your workplace well prepared.  They've completed 55+ hours (over eight months) of in-person career preparation courses before their first work term.  

    Once these courses have been completed, they continue to be supported throughout their job search semester(s) with additional in-class workshops, training on workplace etiquette, optional one-on-one coaching, and more.

    • two courses that focus on job search preparation and skills
    • mock interviews
    • participation in exclusive student-employer networking events
  4. Recruit According To Your Timelines

    No posting deadlines. Post job descriptions, interview candidates and hire whenever you are ready.
  5. Full-Service Operation

    Partner with us and we'll take care of the recruitment logistics. Just send us the job description, choose your favourite candidates, and conduct interviews at our office or yours. We’ll take care of promoting the jobs to our students, scheduling interviews, corresponding with students, coordinating offers, and more.

Have additional questions about Co-op?

Contact us for more information! A member of our business development team will be in touch with you to follow up.

Funding Resources for Co-op Employers

Need funding? We can help.

Due to the impact of COVID19 on the economy, new funding and flexibility is anticipated from funding partners of all levels. We're in regular contact with these funding partners and would be happy to make recommendations based on your organization's evolving needs.

Read on for details of available funding, or connect with us for an individualized consultation: uoftcoop@utoronto.ca or 647-446-2667

How to Hire an Arts & Science Co-op Student

Students are available to begin working in January, May or September, and recruitment can begin as early as four months prior to the start of the position. With the help of our team, you could complete your hiring in as few as 10 business days.